Night Lords

  • Hrnnar of the dark shroud

    Hrnnar of the dark shroud

    Finished up another contemptor pattern dreadnought for the 19th Company. All the trophies are additions and non-standard from a variety of sources. This model came with a Horus Heresy era Night Lords army I bought and was pre-build. I removed both Volkite weapon arms and magnetised them to make the model a bit more versatile…… Read more

  • Chosen One

    Chosen One

    I felt the Skull Reapers needed some lightweight Terminators, so I decided I’d thrown a few squads of Chosen into the ranks. I’ve a box of the new Games Workshop figures and I had 20 of the Nocturnal Bodies from the Dakka Dakka store printed (2 of each variation). This is the first test model…… Read more

  • Fear the Reaper

    Fear the Reaper

    In 9th Edition these heavy weapons have been my go to load out for tactical traitor marine units. I decided that I would make up another model from the bits box Reaper chain cannon came from Zinge Industries. Shoulder pad and backpack were 3D prints from a seller who was on eBay for a while…… Read more

  • Assault Squad: Part 2

    Assault Squad: Part 2

    Second half of the claw, with trophy banner. Trophy banner bearer in grim detail. Plenty of Night Lord grim adornments from Liber Daemonica to add to the mix. Nicely done cape/shoulder pad combo, you have to admire the design work that went into these bits. Read more

  • Assault Squad

    Assault Squad

    First half of a new 10 marine claw, second half in primer and to follow shortly. I am not sure where the backpacks and some of the torsos came from which is a shame as I would have liked some more. Plenty of Night Lord grim adornments from Liber Daemonica to add to the mix….… Read more

  • Second Dreadclaw

    Second Dreadclaw

    Second Anvillus Pattern Dreadclaw painted up for the Skullreapers.  Maintaining the custom decals developed for these with a couple of the great decals from The Mighty Brush in the mix too. Eight Legion, C Battallion, 19th Company, Anvillus Dreadclaw No. 5 Heavier weathering on this one, think it looks a bit better for it. Read more

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