Night Lords

  • Claw Additions

    Claw Additions

    Another five added into the ranks of the tactical claws of the Skull Reapers 19th Company. Another of the unknown resin models. Must do some research into these… Classic original plastic space marine model head and torso… Another plasma gunner Blackstone Fortress Chaos Space marine model Not so sure about this type of skull helmet…… Read more

  • Assault Squad Part 2

    Assault Squad Part 2

    Finally completed another five marines to add to those completed back in April. Another bunch of lunatics with bolt pistols and chainswords. Forgeworld tank crew member torso conversion with some fish hook meat hook conversion work. Quite proud of this one with the hook through the skull eye socket. Blood for the Blood God is…… Read more

  • Biker Trio

    Biker Trio

    Re-based another three bikes and did a little extra work to them. The matt finish Army Painter varnish misbehaved again. Read more

  • Greater Possessed

    Greater Possessed

    Finished up the greater possessed that came with Shadowspear. I’ll admit I’ve never fielded them but would think about giving them an outing in a future battle. Read more

  • Anvillus Pattern Dreadclaw

    Anvillus Pattern Dreadclaw

    I have five of these Dreadclaws to paint up this is the first. The others were in a bad state and were sent off to Renew Models for vapour blasting and have just come back so no excuses now not to get these finished! Again custom decals developed for these and pretty pleased with how…… Read more

  • Rhino APC

    Rhino APC

    I have a lot of vehicles to paint up but wasn’t really very pleased with efforts on armour from last year. My wife bought me an Element Games painting course with David Soper for earlier this year but due to COVID-19 it never happened so I have had a go. I also had a go…… Read more

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