Night Lords

  • More Speed Metal

    More Speed Metal

    Finished the other two traitor marine bikers. Really pleased with these although the matt varnish came out dusty. I have found if you hit it again with a second coat then this can solve the problem. I may try that at some point… Still preferring this model of bike. I think that the mudguards just…… Read more

  • Rolling Speed Death

    Rolling Speed Death

    All the bikes need re-basing to the new size so obviously the best thing to do was build three more! This is the first. I think that I prefer the non-chaos marine bikes. They just look better. I will be doing some conversion work on the other bikes as I progress with the rebasing and…… Read more

  • Terminator Test

    Terminator Test

    Chaos Space Marine Terminators must have been some of the first figures I bought. I have about 50 of them nearly all metal that are in various states and ages of paint. With well over 25 years spanning the models and painting this may take a while to get them all where I want them…… Read more

  • Claw Additions

    Claw Additions

    Finished up the claw that went with the Sergeant I posted pics of earlier this month. All the models posted here are part of the fish hook meat hook experiment, working much better with the finer chain. Also featuring some grassy tufts on the bases, just for a bit of variety, Read more

  • Obliterators


    I really liked the new Obliterator models and decided that I wanted some more. I didn’t want the same poses so spent some time doing conversion work to make all four of the models distinctively different. Bolter fury! Twin Storm Bolters plus twin Heavy Bolters for plenty of dakka dakka dakka. Power claw, Lascannon, Missile…… Read more

  • Squad Sergeant

    Squad Sergeant

    Forgeworld Powerfist with some classic Night Lords iconography… …plus some freehand Night Lords chapter livery on the shoulder pad I am quite proud of and the whole model came together quite well. Will be leading another claw in the near future. Read more

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