Renegade Guard

  • Chaos Renegades

    Chaos Renegades

    When Forgeworld announced the were doing a final production run on the chaos renegades I snapped a load up which have been sat in blister packs ever since: Having decided it was time to remedy this situation I have finally assembled them all and started painting them up. Here’s the command squad: Plus the Enforcer…… Read more

  • Chaos Renegade Cultists

    Chaos Renegade Cultists

    Finally finished up the squad. Two 15 troop units with an additional leader giving 32 in total. Crazy Eddie’s Warband Dangerous Dave’s Renegades Read more

  • Chaos Nutters Part 2

    Chaos Nutters Part 2

    Finished the painting, based the renegade chaos cultists up messed about a bit trying to remember how to take reasonable photos of small figures… Then these additions arrived courtesy of the bay of E. So started a bit of work on them. The band’o’nutters is growing… Read more

  • Chaos Nutters Part 1

    Chaos Nutters Part 1

    Building a unit of chaos cultists Read more

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