This has been sat almost-built and I painted waiting to be finished off for months! These are the House Liagaun colours I came up with when I invented the household. They seem to have worked pretty well across the range of model sizes so far. So that's a pair complete, better get on with the... Continue Reading →

Paired Laser Blasters

Modern tech is great. Games Workshop's delay in releasing further weapons has created a gap in the market for independently designed and 3D printed alternatives. I hadn't bought much stuff like this in the past, but I have been impressed with the quality of these prints. I thought that the armoured containers were too good... Continue Reading →

Titans and Knights

So started painting some stuff up, starting with a few Knights in House Liagaun colours. Like the 28mm scale ones I've done but less tainted by chaos. Making and painting up the Warlords took a while made it there in the end. The detail on these models are great Added decals but still need to... Continue Reading →

House Liagaun: Armiger Warglaive

So after the Castellan Knight Castigaitor, I bought a pair of Warglaives and set about building and converting them. I'm quite please with how this came out so will get the second one finished at some point soon. I'm still worn on the House Liagaun Heraldry but the pair of facing dragons was chosen to... Continue Reading →

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