Forgeworld Tank Emplacement

This came up for sale around a month ago, box fresh Forgeworld - it doesn't get much better than this. The model is in two halves the above photo shows the join. I didn't glue it because it's a big piece and it's a lot easier to store as two pieces. Some nice detail in... Continue Reading →

Forgeworld Generator

ForgeWorld Power Generator, which I think was originally part of the Anphelion base. I think it'll make a nice bit of scatter terrain or work as an objective marker for the Cities of Death terrain I am painting up. Based on a bit of styrene card with a few extra touches like the big power... Continue Reading →

Forgeworld Tank Trap Clusters

I was looking for a good set of these for a long time, lots of copies being sold on eBay, Nothing says grim dark war zone like some dragons teeth that have been smashed about a bit. The original product listing said: "Tank traps are used to block the movement of enemy ground based vehicles,... Continue Reading →

Hrnnar of the dark shroud

Finished up another contemptor pattern dreadnought for the 19th Company. All the trophies are additions and non-standard from a variety of sources. This model came with a Horus Heresy era Night Lords army I bought and was pre-build. I removed both Volkite weapon arms and magnetised them to make the model a bit more versatile... Continue Reading →

Forgeworld Tank Factory

Back in 2020 I wrote about how I'd been gifted a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a big collection of Forgeworld scenery from a local independent gaming store that was closing to go fully online. There were a couple of omissions from the cities of death buildings and ever since I had been... Continue Reading →

Chosen One

I felt the Skull Reapers needed some lightweight Terminators, so I decided I'd thrown a few squads of Chosen into the ranks. I've a box of the new Games Workshop figures and I had 20 of the Nocturnal Bodies from the Dakka Dakka store printed (2 of each variation). This is the first test model... Continue Reading →

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