Fjallrvn the Grim

I admit to not being a massive fan on the contemptor pattern dreadnoughts so I put extra effort into this one.

Added a few more grim embellishments to bring it on theme with the Skull Reapers company.

The model was an eBay rescue and was missing a shoulder piece which was found in the bits box. It was badly magnetised and had to be re-done.

Twin heavy bolter and chain fist load out is unusual, but has grown on me.

I also went with the base that came with the model, adding some extras including these resin cast clump of skulls I had stashed.

A few decals from different sources and I’m calling this one done. There are another two waiting for paint (one built and primed and the other still in the box)…

Adeptus Titanicus Battle Report 10

Legio Ulricon vs Legio Gryphonicus
Battlemat: Games Workshop
Scenery: Mix of Adeptus Titanicus, Unreal Wargaming Studio and Bespoke

Quick game with the kids. Warlord and Two Warhounds each. Battle of attrition, the one who scores the most damage wins.

Forgeworld Defence Line

This is the biggest Forgeworld scenery undertaking to date and a frustrating tale of working with old resin.

At least part of what you see here is genuine Forgeworld original. It even came in the original Games Workshop box.

Of the rest, it is hard to tell whether some is recast. Part of the problem in that is even with the original stuff there seemed to be a speed rather than precision approach to the belt sander work on the bases.

That means that a lot of these pieces needed work to get the sections to sit level and square with one another and form up the defence line without gaps between the sections.

None of the emplacement sections came with turrets. I opted for Forgeworld Modified Ryza Pattern Turrets with Battle Cannons which I think are a good choice for these.

Decals are thanks to the awesome Mighty Brush. I used a lot, including some very old Games Workshop graffiti from the original Rhino model, because there are a lot of large flat surfaces and the decals help break that up.

In the catalogues, Forgeworld originally offered two sets. The Imperial defense line set forms a defendable perimeter for Imperial forces to take cover behind against a hostile force:

Defense Line Set 2 consists of Defense Line Turret Emplacement (x1), Defense Line Straights (x2), Defense Line Ends (x2), Defense Line Destroyed (x1) and Defense Line Repaired (x1). The set reaches 33inches (830mm) in length and requires a Leman Russ turret to complete as shown.

Defence Line Set 2 (Product Code FWK007) was originally £45.

Defence Line Set 1 is made up of 4x straights, 2x inside corners, 2x outside corner and 1 gun position the set can be put together in many different configurations to give 4 feet (1.2m) of defences.

Defence Line Set 1 (Product Code FWK005) was originally £45.

Master Models by Simon Harris.

I ended up with 26 defence line sections and as there wasn’t a huge amount of variation in the original models I ended up adding to many of the sections.

Extra sandbags, skulls, bits of other scenery and Imperial Guard accessories. Nothing that couldn’t be removed later on.

On balance I think I have two Defence Line 1 Sets and one and a half Defence Line 2 Sets.

Frustratingly I have none of the right angled Defence Line Ends from the Set 2 which means I am missing all four. Would really like to track some of those down at some point.

Forgeworld Minefield

The smallest addition to my Forgeworld scenery collection, this minefield set. One of the cats ate the warning sign twice whilst it was on the painting table and the original Imperial Guard helmet and skull looks like it was eaten because it is missing in action.

I can’t find these detailed in any of these in the old Forgeworld Catalogues or website caches. I’ll keep looking for details…

Renegade Leman Russ

A Leman Russ new from Forgeworld was the basis for this build.

It’s the Death Korps of Krieg Mars Alpha Pattern Leman Russ with Modified Ryza Pattern Turret plus a few extra bits, like the etched brass chaos plates and some war trophies.

The Forgeworld kit provides some great enhancements over the stock tank notably the air filters and trench rail modifications. The extra details really make the model.

The Mighty Brush did the honours in providing some more of their outstanding decals (and stepping up to send out more when I needed them midway through the build).

This provides another armoured unit for my Renegade Guard, the Vraksian 352nd.


This is another one of the three pieces that make up the Warhammer 40,000 Barricades Set 2. I posted the other curved section back in March. A complete set is made up of three piece resin barricades with each section approximately 6″ / 150mm long. I’ve still not tracked down the straight middle bit.

The catalogue entry read “There are times when Imperial forces must make do with the materials at hand to construct barricades to help fortify areas to defend, and repel the enemy.”

Master model by Simon Harris around about 2002. The full set sold for £14.

Forgeworld product codes: FWF025 then TR-40K-S-022.

Renegade Chimera

I didn’t have any armour for my renegade guard, but this came up as a base coated model at a reasonable price so I thought that I would start off some armour.

Forgeworld spaced armour sides and a dozer blade for extra presence on the battlefield.

Cracked out the Forgeworld brass etch traitor guard symbols and added some of the decals from The Mighty Brush.

Pretty pleased with how it came out in the end. Might have started a little something here…

Forgeworld Emplacement Turrets

I haven’t been able to find these in a Forgeworld catalogue, but they are variously referenced as Imperial Heavy Bolter Turret Emplacements. I managed to get one base, but it came with no turret. I cast a second one and then rebased it as these have a very thick base.

They are supposed to take a Leman Russ turret but I opted for these ones from Kromlech.

They are in first Forgeworld Imperial Armour Book, where they are literally called a Turret Emplacement. Back then it was considered a Troop choice with an armour value of 12/12/11 and could be used in any scenario that allowed fortifications. It could be equipped with the following:

  • Twin linked heavy bolters
  • Heavy flamer
  • Battle cannon
  • Multi laser
  • Lascannon
  • Autocannon
  • Twin linked autocannons
  • Plasma canon
  • Missile launcher
  • Multi melta
  • Demolisher cannon
  • Vanquisher cannon
  • Inferno cannon

These models are now so old (and discontinued) that there aren’t any current rules for them.


The Forgeworld Spartan Assault Tank is a classic design and a big hunk of resin.

This one is painted up in Skull Reapers livery, usual approach for this company of the Night Lords.

Grim and dark with some bespoke campaign markings and livery.

A mixture of corpses from different sources…

…and the obligatory skulls!

Space Hulk: Mission XI

We’ve not played Space Hulk since everything was painted so thought it would be a good idea to have a game. The kids chose Mission XI – a few Marines in Terminator Armour versus many Genestealers including the Broodlord.

It should be simple right, we just need to get one marine into that room… Er sir, we have multiple blips incoming…

After this encounter it all went down hill, especially when the Librarian ran out of mind bullets.

Fundamentally in our experience to date it’s very hard to win as a Space Marine player!