Unreal Wargaming Studios Small Extensions

Herein is a tale about batch painting…

The idea with all of these ruins was that they would be interchangeable and effectively stackable. So these small ruin extensions should be something that can sit on top of the larger ruins to give them extra height.

So of course this can still be done, but the issue is that they are not quite the same colour and now if you do that it doesn’t look quite right. Which is a bit annoying.

This happened because after they were all based coated there were weeks between painting the tank factory and large ruins and getting to these. I followed the same recipe for painting, but at some stage must have thought that they didn’t look dark enough and added another dark grey wash or maybe just didn’t dilute a wash enough and… well these have just ended up darker.

It’s not the end of the world, they are completely usable bits of terrain and I am sure if I wanted I could sort it. Lessons have been learned to keep better notes and be more precise in paint mixing.

The brilliance of the design of these terrain pieces is that they can be used stand alone and so that is probably how I will use them on the table top.

The photos here show a few of the different configurations that can be used.

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