Khorne Daemons

  • Venomcrawler II

    The Venomcrawler has to be one of the better models released in the last few years. I enjoyed painting up the initial one out of the Shadowspear boxed set so I decided to get another one. The downside with the model is the lack of pose positions out of the box and I take issue…… Read more

  • Tharanak

    Ended up with a second Karanak model having bought some reinforcements for the Khorne Army after the battle earlier this year. I wanted to see if the three headed model could be converted into a single headed flesh hound. This is the result. Read more

  • Furies


    After fielding the Khorne Army earlier this year I decided I needed a highly mobile unit to secure objectives so I have added some Furies into the mix. I’ve painted and built a dozen. Every figure is different with a bit of conversion work. Let’s see how they fare on the next outing and we…… Read more

  • Venomcrawler


    Adding a few photos of things recently finished. Some of these have been played in games over recent times, but were probably not in finished states at the time! Venomcrawler from the Shadowspear boxed set. Decided that I wanted a dark look to all of these daemonic engines… Liked this one so much that I’ve…… Read more

  • Modding the List

    After the game, I think that there are a few things I’d change, but here’s a pic of the army I took. The Bloodthirster is just a gun magnet and degrades too quickly even with the Armour of Scorn with a 6+ feel no pain. I’d take a Daemon Prince with wings and more Bloodletters…… Read more

  • King of the North: Blood was spilled…

    They say the god of war does not care from whom the blood flows. This is probably a good thing for I am the recipient of a very fine wooden spoon for last place. The last game came down to the final rolls of the dice, but it was not to be. I lost 3…… Read more

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