Khorne Daemons

  • Khorne Daemon Army

    As I plan heading off to a 1250pt Deployment Zone TV invitational tournament called King of the North to be held at Element Games in mid-January, I had a realisation. I hadn’t added that army to my list of things to do because it was done, except it wasn’t. Over the last 20 years I’ve…… Read more

  • Karanak, the Hound of Vengeance

    So after a fair bit of procrastination I picked up age uber hell hound and built it up. I reckon that’s quite enough dogs of war for now – lots of rebasing work still to do on the rest of the pack. Read more

  • Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage

    I’ve had one of every Bloodthirster model GW have made. This is my favourite to date. Assembly wasn’t the nightmare I had feared and I left the armour off until everything else was painted. Worked on the armour to try some metallic shades I had not used before. I am pleased with how they came…… Read more

  • Bloodletters

    I decided to increase the size of my Bloodletter units from 8 to 10. Having 40 means I can always have 5 squads of 8 if needed. When the new ones turned up it became clear GW had rebased them all up from 25mm to 32mm. Sensible as they were pretty unstable on the small…… Read more

  • Bloodletters

    After a fair bit of procrastination I finally finished the Bloodletters that I had been putting off for months. Quite enjoyed them once I got into it. This was about adding a further 16 of these Lesser Daemons into the Khornate part of the army. There was some repetition of model, but when I built…… Read more

  • Bloodletter Update

    All of the Bloodletters had a good soak to get the old paint off. After that it was clean up time, removing casting flash and seam marks, pinning and gluing them together and basing them up. A few repairs were needed and I had to scratch build and entire body for this one. They’re now…… Read more

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