Unreal Wargaming Studio Medium Ruin 1

This is the last of the ruins from Unreal Wargaming Studio so after this I am back on the Forgeworld train.

On face value the walkways from Unreal are very similar to the original ones from Forgeworld as used in the Tank Factory. The difference is that the Forgeworld ones are much more detailed underneath – you can see it was a frame with walkway plates added on top. Whereas the Unreal ones are just plain resin, although you won’t really every see this once the model is assembled.

A bit of hot water or steam soon makes the Unreal walkways pliable so that you can bend them which is what I did for the ends of these. I then made up some balustrades and railings our of styrene plasticard.

The walkway support brackets are copies of the Forgeworld ones scratch built out of styrene plasticard too with resin rivet heads.

Same paint scheme deployed as the rest of the ruins. I did this ruin in the same batch as the extension pieces.

This is a three section by three section ruin so is quite big and adds a nice bit of variety to the scenery set.

The walkways provide some nice elevated firing positions with plenty of with for 32mm diameter bases.

I added in some pipework using the Zinge Industries resin connectors and styrene pipe. Dangling chain for effect…


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