Unreal Wargaming Studios Large Gothic Ruins Combined

I wanted to shared these photos of the two Large Gothic Ruins from Unreal Wargaming Studios combined together. I have a few other ruin elements that can be stacked on top for extra height too, so I’ll probably post up some photos with those iterations in future too.

When I was doing the 6mm MDF and styrene bases for these, I wanted to be able to join the two ruins so as to be able to create one large building, but in two configurations. So I put some thought into getting that to work, quite pleased with how it came out. Some of the floor sections needed to have the resin snipped to allow the two configurations to work.

The ruins are effectively designed as walled sections with windows or doors between the main octagonal structural pillars. In each of the two large ruins they are an L-shape and an inverse-L shape, each one 2 sections by 3 sections. So they can be combined together to create a building that is 4 sections wide and three deep like this:

Or six sections wide and two deep like this:

The latter being so long it doesn’t fit properly in my Lightbox, even on a 45 degree angle.

Here’s a few more photos:

Last one

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