Imperial Water / Fuel Tank

Not even Forgeworld could work out what this model was so it was listed as both a water tank and a fuel tank when it was available for sale.

This model was a bit bashed up when I received it so there are some photos in my Instagram feed of the repairs to it. Thin bits of resin snap easy so a bit of patience with plasticard to fix those. It turns out that bicycle spokes were perfect for the replacement of the runner bars at the top of the tank.

Master model by Simon Harris around 2005.

This was £20 when it was first released which for a big bit of resin seems really cheap and good value.

Forgeworld Product Code TR-40K-S-056

Pretty pleased with how that came out in the end. More use of the excellent waterslide transfers from the Mighty Brush featured here along with some Mechanicus decals from an Imperial Knights sheet too.

Small Barricade

Some time just little things can be good fun to paint up.

I am pretty sure that this piece is from the City Fight Barricades Set. This was a two part set.

I may well have the other part from the set in the box of bits but it has only been as I’ve written the post I’ve worked that out from the Forgeworld catalogue. I will need to have a rummage!

So I’m going to roll with that for now. The original blurb in the catalogue says:

There are times when Imperial forces must make do with the materials at hand to construct barricades to help fortify areas to defend, and repel the enemy. Two barricades made from oil drums and creates.

The two part master model by Simon Harris was originally £9 back in 2006

(Product Code TR-40K-S-008)

Forgeworld Ruined Chimera

The abandoned Chimera is a classic Forgeworld model that was originally available for pre-order way back in 2004.

Mine is a slight variation on the original model because the tank top doesn’t feature the sandbagged top hatch of the original casting. I am not sure it takes much away from it.

The excellent waterslide transfers from the Mighty Brush feature on my take on the Imperial Guard livery and tank markings.

This was a purchase off eBay and whilst I am confident it’s a legitimate original casting, it was a bit bashed up and so there were a few repairs to it before painting, notably the hooks on the shed and spare tank tracks that were snapped off and were repaired with styrene.

I am relatively new to using weathering powders but have been really impressed with them so far.

Original Forgeworld casting was by Simon Harris.

(Product code TR-40K-S-058) was £28 when it came out in 2004. They’re going for a fair bit more than that now!

A really nice model which I enjoyed painting and which I feel makes a good addition to my Forgeworld scenery collection.


The Venomsalker has to be one of the better models released in the last few years. I enjoyed painting up the initial one out of the Shadowspear boxed set so I decided to get another one.

The downside with the model is the lack of pose positions out of the box and I take issue with models like that. This model was hacked about a bit to give it a different stance.

Pinned on the two legs that are the only ones holding the model up.

Did a few grim dark family reunion photos…

2021 Let’s Go

So this year…

Night Lords 19th Company

  • Finish the Fellblade – base coated
  • Finish the Spartan Landraider – about to start edge highlights…
  • Paint a Vindicator
  • Paint a Predator
  • Finish the 2nd Venom Crawler – Primer
  • Rebase 10 of the existing Havocs
  • Paint 20 new tactical marines

House Liagaun

  • Paint and finish building these two Knights, bonus kudos if I manage the third one and the two war dogs

Blood Angels

  • Paint some Sanguinary Guard
  • Paint a Deimos Rhino
  • Paint Mephiston
  • Paint 10 Company Veterans
  • Paint the Primaris Bikers

Bad Moons Orks

  • Build and Paint 3 Killa Cans
  • Build the Stormboyz

Adeptus Titanicus

  • Build the terrain from Gregster’s Lab
  • Build some ruins from the cast parts
  • Paint the Forgeworld Scenery
  • Paint the additions to Legion Ulricon and Legio Gryphonicus (what’s in the photo below, twice over).
  • Finish the Warlord and Reaver Weapons


  • Build some buildings from cast Sector Imperialis parts

2020 in Numbers

In fairness, I think I managed to get a fair whack of stuff painted last year!


  • 5 Bloodletters
  • 1 Skull Cannon
  • 3 Skull Crushers
  • 12 Furies
  • 1 Fleshhound

Da Boyz

  • 1 Shokk Jump Dragsta
  • 10 Burna Boyz
  • 2 Deff Dreads
  • 3 Killa Kans
  • 3 Mega Nobz
  • 5 Ork Nobba
  • 1 Ork Boss Mek – Buzzbob plus Nitnuckle and Lunk
  • 1 Blitza-Bommer

Angels of Metatron Blood Angels

  • 1 Primaris Captain in Phobos Armour – Metarc
  • 1 Primaris Lieutenant in Phobos Armour
  • 1 Primaris Captain in Phobos Armour – Metarc
  • 1 Primaris Lieutenant in Phobos Armourv
  • 1 Primaris Chaplain
  • 1 Blood Angel Hero
  • 1 Primaris Lieutenant
  • 1 Primaris Shield Captain
  • 1 Primaris Apothecary
  • 1 Primaris Librarian in Phobos Armour
  • 1 Primaris Lieutenant
  • 1 Company Standard Bearer
  • 1 Sanguinary Priest
  • 3 Primaris Inceptors
  • 7 Primaris Hellblasters
  • 8 Primaris Intercessors
  • 3 Primaris Suppressors
  • 13 Blood Angel Terminators
  • 5 Assault Marines
  • 5 Tactical Marines
  • 6 Death Company Assault Marines
  • 1 Stormhawk Interceptor
  • 1 Baal Predator
  • 1 Land Raider Redeemer
  • 1 Dreadnought – Brother Kelus

Skull Reapers 19th Company, Night Lords

  • 1 Chaos Sorcerer in Terminator Armour
  • 1 Chaos Sorcerer – N’Gath the Seer
  • 1 Chaos Lord with Thunder Hammer
  • 1 Dark Apostle – Karschb
  • 1 Exhalted Champion – Nahvil the Exhalted
  • 1 Master of Possession
  • 1 Arch Lord Discordant
  • 1 Venom Crawler
  • 10 Havocs
  • 10 Assault Marines
  • 37 Tactical Marines
  • 5 Sniper Specialists
  • 2 Obliterators
  • 1 Terminator
  • 1 Terminator Champion – Thra-Kienn
  • 2 Greater Possessed
  • 6 Bikers
  • 1 Deimos Rhino
  • 1 Sicaran
  • 1 Anvillus Pattern Drop Pod
  • Vraksian 352nd Renegade Militia
  • 10 Chaos Cultists
  • 5 Rogue Psykers
  • 6 Renegade Ogryns
  • 5 Renegade Militia Snipers
  • 10 Renegade Militia
  • 1 Renegade Commissar – Rhur Diachenko
  • 3 Firebrand Cultists
  • 3 Heavy Weapons Teams

Scenery and others stuff

  • 1 Destroyed Pill Box from Unreal Wargaming Studio
  • 1 Underground Bunker Entrance from Forgeworld
  • 2 Sets ion Tank Traps from Forgeworld
  • 1 Sandbag Barricade from Forgeworld
  • 1 Ammo Dump from Forgeworld
  • 22 Genestealers
  • 1 Brood Lord
  • Full Set of Command Edition Scenery
  • Made a load of hill/mountain/cliff type terrain

2020 Review

So back on New Year’s Day there was a plan to do the following. This is the review of which of the ambitions for the year were actually managed.

Night Lords: Skullreapers 19th Company


  • Finish the Greater Possessed
  • Rebase some of the existing Havocs
  • Build more squads – making a number of custom ones from various acquired bits
  • Interweave some of the 30 mark 4 armoured troops into the ranks – Base coated


  • Finish the Fellblade – base coated
  • Finish the 3rd Landraider – base coated
  • Finish the trio of Vindicators – base coated and some with detail
  • Finish the trio of Predators – built but base plastic
  • Finish the 2nd Venom Crawler – Primer

Blood Angels: Angels of Metatron


  • Paint the Stormhawk Interceptor
  • Paint a lot of the unpainted Warhammer Conquest Marines
  • Paint a lot of Crimson Spear Strike Battleforce boxed set contents
  • Build most of the rest of the Shadowspear boxed set


  • Paint Mephiston

Bad Moons Orks


  • Paint half the  Armageddon Killa Cans and both the Deff Dreads
  • Paint the Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun – primed
  • Paint the other Mek – primed
  • Build Ork Mek Boss Buzzgob
  • Paint the Nobz in Power Armour – primed
  • Build (but not paint) the Stormboyz
  • Finish the Scorcha Squad
  • Finish the Burna-Bomba

Space Hulk


  • Finish the terminators
  • Finish the genestealers

Adeptus Titanicus


  • Build the terrain from Gregster’s Lab
  • Build some ruins from the cast parts
  • Paint the Forgeworld Scenery
  • Finish the Warlord and Reaver Weapons



  • Build some buildings from cast Sector Imperialis parts (but haven’t finished them)
  • Build some mountains

Final Claw of 2020

Wanted to end the year with some more Night Lords so here is the final claw additions of the year.

I was getting really unhappy about photographing on white because I could not get the colours to work the way I wanted them to. So I watched the McCordall video on shooting black on black, made a new backdrop for the Lightbox and had a go.

I may try and get some black velvet felt for the fabric instead, but these already look better like this. Hard to believe that the only difference between these five and the last five is that the red in the Khorne half of the company shoulder pad is a shade darker.

All the other changes came from the backdrop fabric, the Lightbox on a lower light setting and a reduction in the camera exposure settings.

Looking forwards to more photos that try and capture the grim dark nature of these guys in 2021.

These five are a load more Bolter equipped models. I was pleased with the pose of the kneeling Plasma gunner too and this one with the sniper scope.

Another of the resin cast models, still not worked out what they are.

Night Lord Claw Additions

Adding some more traitor marines into the ranks. This was one of the targets for the year and the numbers have been pretty good.

One further squad of five to add before New Year, just a little left to do to get them finished.

I am not sure where the resin sculpt for the body and back pack of this one came from, the head is one of the amazing sculpts from Liberdaemonica imported from Russia. The combination works well.

Melta gun primed and charging,,,

Looking to the skies with the flamer.

On your toes trooper!

Used to like the look of this armour mark in the Games Workshop art work, but I don’t think the sculpt does the concept justice. Maybe it’s my painting though…

Sniper Squad

These have been sitting primed on the shelf for most of the year so made a push to get them finished.

They get a stealthier version of the 19th Company livery with no brass on the armour.

Some classic poses on these models even if they have no place in 40k I really like them as miniatures.

Slight modification to the backpack of this comms specialist.

Eye lenses and sights give great contrast to these guys.

Bit of leather work on display too.

Flying the Banner for Grimdark Justuce

Enjoyed painting up the tank crew conversions and decided that I did not have enough of the earlier marks of armour in the ranks of the 19th, so added in this squad.

Also don’t have any sanctioned marines, so it’s about time to add in some red-handed models…

Grimdark justice coming to an unfortunate planet near you some time soon if you are unlucky.

Classic bolters on show…