Assault Squad: Part 2

Second half of the claw, with trophy banner. Trophy banner bearer in grim detail. Plenty of Night Lord grim adornments from Liber Daemonica to add to the mix. Nicely done cape/shoulder pad combo, you have to admire the design work that went into these bits.

Assault Squad

First half of a new 10 marine claw, second half in primer and to follow shortly. I am not sure where the backpacks and some of the torsos came from which is a shame as I would have liked some more. Plenty of Night Lord grim adornments from Liber Daemonica to add to the mix.... Continue Reading →

Second Dreadclaw

Second Anvillus Pattern Dreadclaw painted up for the Skullreapers.  Maintaining the custom decals developed for these with a couple of the great decals from The Mighty Brush in the mix too. Eight Legion, C Battallion, 19th Company, Anvillus Dreadclaw No. 5 Heavier weathering on this one, think it looks a bit better for it.

Fjallrvn the Grim

I admit to not being a massive fan on the contemptor pattern dreadnoughts so I put extra effort into this one. Added a few more grim embellishments to bring it on theme with the Skull Reapers company. The model was an eBay rescue and was missing a shoulder piece which was found in the bits... Continue Reading →

Adeptus Titanicus Battle Report 10

Legio Ulricon vs Legio Gryphonicus Battlemat: Games WorkshopScenery: Mix of Adeptus Titanicus, Unreal Wargaming Studio and Bespoke Quick game with the kids. Warlord and Two Warhounds each. Battle of attrition, the one who scores the most damage wins.

Forgeworld Defence Line

This is the biggest Forgeworld scenery undertaking to date and a frustrating tale of working with old resin. At least part of what you see here is genuine Forgeworld original. It even came in the original Games Workshop box. Of the rest, it is hard to tell whether some is recast. Part of the problem... Continue Reading →

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