More Speed Metal

Finished the other two traitor marine bikers. Really pleased with these although the matt varnish came out dusty. I have found if you hit it again with a second coat then this can solve the problem. I may try that at some point…

Still preferring this model of bike. I think that the mudguards just work better for conversion purposes…

Long range communications specialist gear on the back of this bike.

Last of the spiked wheels from Master Crafted Miniatures. I will order some more for the rest of the bikes. I have also made 10 resin bases and have just made another 5 to speed things up on that front. I will re-use some for the loyalist Blood Angels bikes too.

Rolling Speed Death

All the bikes need re-basing to the new size so obviously the best thing to do was build three more! This is the first.

I think that I prefer the non-chaos marine bikes. They just look better. I will be doing some conversion work on the other bikes as I progress with the rebasing and repainting.

Marine Head and flayed flesh on the leg from Liberdaemonica. Bike wheels from Master Crafted Miniatures. I need more of these!

Field Radio Comms array from Anvil Industry and long-range fuel tank from Zinge Industries.