Fear the Reaper

In 9th Edition these heavy weapons have been my go to load out for tactical traitor marine units. I decided that I would make up another model from the bits box Reaper chain cannon came from Zinge Industries. Shoulder pad and backpack were 3D prints from a seller who was on eBay for a while... Continue Reading →

Final Claw of 2020

Wanted to end the year with some more Night Lords so here is the final claw additions of the year. I was getting really unhappy about photographing on white because I could not get the colours to work the way I wanted them to. So I watched the McCordall video on shooting black on black,... Continue Reading →

Night Lord Claw Additions

Adding some more traitor marines into the ranks. This was one of the targets for the year and the numbers have been pretty good. One further squad of five to add before New Year, just a little left to do to get them finished. I am not sure where the resin sculpt for the body... Continue Reading →

Claw Additions

Another five added into the ranks of the tactical claws of the Skull Reapers 19th Company. Another of the unknown resin models. Must do some research into these... Classic original plastic space marine model head and torso... Another plasma gunner Blackstone Fortress Chaos Space marine model Not so sure about this type of skull helmet... Continue Reading →

Claw Additions

Finished up the claw that went with the Sergeant I posted pics of earlier this month. All the models posted here are part of the fish hook meat hook experiment, working much better with the finer chain. Also featuring some grassy tufts on the bases, just for a bit of variety,

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