Terminator Test

Chaos Space Marine Terminators must have been some of the first figures I bought. I have about 50 of them nearly all metal that are in various states and ages of paint. With well over 25 years spanning the models and painting this may take a while to get them all where I want them... Continue Reading →

Work in Progress: August 2018

As always seem to have a multitude of models on the go. They're sitting at various stages of complete, but some need more work or motivation than others and get reprioritised in favour of something that's a bit more inspiring. I decided that I wanted some dedicated close combat terminators and as part of a... Continue Reading →

Last of Terminator Core

There's more to come, but this is the last of the core of the Terminator unit A few individual touches in here The librarian conversion is one I've grown to like Loves the original chaos terminator storm bolsters. Very narrative. Skull helmet for a bit of variety Heavy flamer for effect More with a stronger... Continue Reading →

Terminators again

It's quite a big part of the company composition The double chainsword combo always seemed pretty chaotic to me. Other conversion is a bit more basic Some more from the squad: Always found the tusked units a bit wrong, kind of never seemed to look quite right to me Quite a few auto cannons in... Continue Reading →

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