New Lightbox

The previous Lightbox I had was a Samtian one that I bought at the end of October last year. Unfortunately the power pack failed at the end of May turning everything into a disco with random power spikes and fluctuations in lighting.

Amazon did a refund credit note so I paid a bit more for a larger 40″ square one from ESDDI. It’s better because:

  1. The LEDs are built into the ceiling panel with internal cable routing.
  2. The diffuser sheet is velcro’d in under the lights so is super easy fit
  3. The backing sheets are also velcro mounted with tabs in the corners. No more duck tape needed.
  4. It has a stowaway pouch for storing the dimmer module and power lead.
  5. It’s bigger! Obviously in form, but also in the aperture for shooting through!

Still changing some settings and experimenting…