Forgeworld Ammo Dump

Ammo dumps are used by the Imperial Guard as a storage for the various types of ammunition the infantry and armour require. This is a fantastic one piece resin model makes a great objective for your games of Warhammer 40,000. Master model by Simon Harris for Forgeworld. (Product Codes FWF017 then  TR-40K-S-018) was only £12 when... Continue Reading →

Forgeworld Taros Underground Entrance

Painted up some more of the Forgeworld scenery from the stash. Imperial underground building entrance as used on the desert world of Taros and other planets in the Imperium. Complete resin kit. Model designed by Daren Parrwood for Forgeworld (Product Code TR-40K-S-064) was only £16 when available around 2006

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