Hrnnar of the dark shroud

Finished up another contemptor pattern dreadnought for the 19th Company. All the trophies are additions and non-standard from a variety of sources. This model came with a Horus Heresy era Night Lords army I bought and was pre-build. I removed both Volkite weapon arms and magnetised them to make the model a bit more versatile... Continue Reading →

Second Dreadclaw

Second Anvillus Pattern Dreadclaw painted up for the Skullreapers.  Maintaining the custom decals developed for these with a couple of the great decals from The Mighty Brush in the mix too. Eight Legion, C Battallion, 19th Company, Anvillus Dreadclaw No. 5 Heavier weathering on this one, think it looks a bit better for it.

Renegade Leman Russ

A Leman Russ new from Forgeworld was the basis for this build. It's the Death Korps of Krieg Mars Alpha Pattern Leman Russ with Modified Ryza Pattern Turret plus a few extra bits, like the etched brass chaos plates and some war trophies. The Forgeworld kit provides some great enhancements over the stock tank notably... Continue Reading →

Renegade Chimera

I didn't have any armour for my renegade guard, but this came up as a base coated model at a reasonable price so I thought that I would start off some armour. Forgeworld spaced armour sides and a dozer blade for extra presence on the battlefield. Cracked out the Forgeworld brass etch traitor guard symbols... Continue Reading →


The Forgeworld Spartan Assault Tank is a classic design and a big hunk of resin. This one is painted up in Skull Reapers livery, usual approach for this company of the Night Lords. Grim and dark with some bespoke campaign markings and livery. A mixture of corpses from different sources... ...and the obligatory skulls!

Night Lord Claw Additions

Adding some more traitor marines into the ranks. This was one of the targets for the year and the numbers have been pretty good. One further squad of five to add before New Year, just a little left to do to get them finished. I am not sure where the resin sculpt for the body... Continue Reading →

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