Assault Squad

First half of a new 10 marine claw, second half in primer and to follow shortly.

I am not sure where the backpacks and some of the torsos came from which is a shame as I would have liked some more.

Plenty of Night Lord grim adornments from Liber Daemonica to add to the mix.

The helmet design on this power fist equipped model is my least favourite from the Forgeworld Terror Squad set but I reckon it looks better painted like this.

Assault Squad Part 2

Finally completed another five marines to add to those completed back in April. Another bunch of lunatics with bolt pistols and chainswords.

Forgeworld tank crew member torso conversion with some fish hook meat hook conversion work. Quite proud of this one with the hook through the skull eye socket.

Blood for the Blood God is a great addition to the paint range and I try to use it sparingly.

Second Forgeworld tank crew member torso conversion with some more fish hook meat hook and chain conversion work.

More limb augmentics on display. I am not so sure with the running gait on this one, but stuck with it.

The classic Night Lords model converted…

Assault Squad Part 1

Started on a new Assault Squad for the 19th Company.

A combination of new Chaos Space Marine models and old ones to make an initial squad of 5, the plan is a second set of 5 in the near future.

Added some skulls on 1mm trace chain, that seemed to work well so we will develop the theme.