Waaargh the Orks

A quick mini battle with Marc and his Orks on a small board to accelerate the out comes of the 750pt battle

I liked the Ryza Pattern scenery that came with the Conquest series so much that I bought the Kill Team Box Set to get some more of it. Far from finished but I think good enough for the table top even in this base coated form.

DZTV objective markers in play. Holding onto these was going to be a challenge.

Trukk rammed Leviathan surviving heavy flamer overwatch on the charge. Didn’t survive the counter attack. Da boyz won’t be doing that again.

Kilkannon on the Battlewagon is devastating when it works. Hellforged Leviathan lumbered towards the Orks facing down the long barrel of something that may or may not obliterate it…

In the end the Night Lords edged the boys by 1pt, the Leviathan was unstoppable but the Orks in close combat were more that the traitor marines could withstand in close combat.

40k Battle Report: Night Lords vs Bad Moons

So Codexes at hand and basic 8th Edition rules and my first 40k game in over 20 years and my Night Lords take a beating from my 8 year old son’s Bad Moon Orks. I think we made it three rounds before boredom for small people set in. Still it generated enthusiasm and left plenty of food for thought for the next game.