Assault Squad WIP

Here’s an assault squad I’ve been working on with a Chainaxe theme.

First time I’ve used some resin bases and quite like how they have turned out.

I ran out of chainaxes to finish these two off so built some out of chainswords and poweraxes. Chopped up credit card for base decoration…

Chaos Champion

You’ll have to excuse the random cat hair that made it onto this photo on the Khorne icon standard.

This is a champion for the Skull Reapers 19th Company of the Night Lords Chapter.

A few tweaks to make a non-40k model work in a desolate future world.

Pretty pleased with how this turned out. Maybe he needs a name…

Bloodletter Update

All of the Bloodletters had a good soak to get the old paint off. After that it was clean up time, removing casting flash and seam marks, pinning and gluing them together and basing them up.

A few repairs were needed and I had to scratch build and entire body for this one. They’re now all primed up and ready for paint.

I also bought a new base for this very classic Juggernaut figure:

Lesser Daemons Part 1

Probably picked up some of these Bloodletters back in the mid-1980s. I think they’re just cracking figures. I’ve picked up all the different variants that have come out since but as I expand this unit including the new plastic ones which are the closest to the original ethic so far. When I saw these come up I. decided to pick up some more.

Paint looked nice from afar but was far from nice. I’ll not be winning a golden demon award anytime soon but I think I can do better than this:

Time for them to take a bath in acid. In the Warhammer universe they’d probably like that.

Chaos Nutters Part 2

Finished the painting, based the renegade chaos cultists up messed about a bit trying to remember how to take reasonable photos of small figures…

Then these additions arrived courtesy of the bay of E. So started a bit of work on them. The band’o’nutters is growing…

Chaos Nutters Part 1

Turns out that these days in 40k you need some surprisingly dangerous in large number type units to distract your enemies and to camp out on those objective markers.

Chaos cultists, renegades or whatever you want to call them seem to be the go to unit so I thought I’d raid the old miniatures box and see what I could dig out and found these…

Yes that’d be three metal figures (L to R) namely a Guardman, a Scavvy and a Bratt. Horrendously painted (in possibly enamel) with what appears to have been a decorators paint brush by a person with no talent. When you get a box of random figures it can be lucky dip. Time for a bath in paint stripper…

Stripped back to bare metal and in need of a bit of final scalpel work to get the last remnants of paint off ’em. Then onto a bit of conversion work and raiding the bits boxes to make these:

Time for paint and to get some better photos…