Forgeworld Emplacement Turrets

I haven’t been able to find these in a Forgeworld catalogue, but they are variously referenced as Imperial Heavy Bolter Turret Emplacements. I managed to get one base, but it came with no turret. I cast a second one and then rebased it as these have a very thick base.

They are supposed to take a Leman Russ turret but I opted for these ones from Kromlech.

They are in first Forgeworld Imperial Armour Book, where they are literally called a Turret Emplacement. Back then it was considered a Troop choice with an armour value of 12/12/11 and could be used in any scenario that allowed fortifications. It could be equipped with the following:

  • Twin linked heavy bolters
  • Heavy flamer
  • Battle cannon
  • Multi laser
  • Lascannon
  • Autocannon
  • Twin linked autocannons
  • Plasma canon
  • Missile launcher
  • Multi melta
  • Demolisher cannon
  • Vanquisher cannon
  • Inferno cannon

These models are now so old (and discontinued) that there aren’t any current rules for them.