I really liked the new Obliterator models and decided that I wanted some more. I didn’t want the same poses so spent some time doing conversion work to make all four of the models distinctively different.

Bolter fury! Twin Storm Bolters plus twin Heavy Bolters for plenty of dakka dakka dakka.

Power claw, Lascannon, Missile Launcher and Heavy Flamer. Thinking about the next ones, four is good, but six seems better.

Squad Sergeant

Forgeworld Powerfist with some classic Night Lords iconography…

…plus some freehand Night Lords chapter livery on the shoulder pad I am quite proud of and the whole model came together quite well. Will be leading another claw in the near future.

Troop Specialist

Communications and countermeasures specialist. Reckon that this traitor space marine will be a good addition into the ranks…

Bit of variety helps keep the units looking interesting on the table top.

Fish Hook Meat Hook Experiment

So to make some of the marines in some of the less adorned armour marks look a bit more Night Lords, I thought that I would experiment with some grim dark additions.

The plan is to use some small fishing hooks as proxies for meat hooks and variously combine with chain and other elements.

This is the first one to get the treatment, will use smaller 1mm trace chain on the next one. Concept work pretty well I think. More fish hooks will be needed.

Another fist of claws

Finished up another 5 marines for the Night Lords.

These guys are much the same as the last five.

Combination of combi-weapons, heavy weapons and bolters.

Oh and chainaxes. We do not have enough chainaxes so more of them on the way.

Also intermingling some augmentic limbs. I reckon these rag tag traitors will have needed a few of those along the way too.

Added in a standard bearer, banner comes from the Vampire Counts series.

More from the Claws

At the moment I am adding extra Marines into the 19th Company. There is no real plan here. The idea is that they are a rag tag group with scavenged armour and weapons. More to follow in future months…

This bunch loosely make up a tactical squad, but the mix of weapons clearly isn’t codex compliant. Not a problem when it comes to just needing a marine with a combi weapon or a special weapon to join a claw for battle deployment.

Assault Squad Part 1

Started on a new Assault Squad for the 19th Company.

A combination of new Chaos Space Marine models and old ones to make an initial squad of 5, the plan is a second set of 5 in the near future.

Added some skulls on 1mm trace chain, that seemed to work well so we will develop the theme.