Forgeworld Emplacement Turrets

I haven’t been able to find these in a Forgeworld catalogue, but they are variously referenced as Imperial Heavy Bolter Turret Emplacements. I managed to get one base, but it came with no turret. I cast a second one and then rebased it as these have a very thick base.

They are supposed to take a Leman Russ turret but I opted for these ones from Kromlech.

They are in first Forgeworld Imperial Armour Book, where they are literally called a Turret Emplacement. Back then it was considered a Troop choice with an armour value of 12/12/11 and could be used in any scenario that allowed fortifications. It could be equipped with the following:

  • Twin linked heavy bolters
  • Heavy flamer
  • Battle cannon
  • Multi laser
  • Lascannon
  • Autocannon
  • Twin linked autocannons
  • Plasma canon
  • Missile launcher
  • Multi melta
  • Demolisher cannon
  • Vanquisher cannon
  • Inferno cannon

These models are now so old (and discontinued) that there aren’t any current rules for them.


Made from the most brittle resin known to the Imperium, behold the crater set. Well okay not the full set, one of the small ones is missing but I have two of the larger ones.

The catalogue entry read “Huge craters are often torn in to the battlefield by artillery , bombs and other heavy weapons, and can provide a convenient form of cover should a squad find themselves under fire in otherwise open terrain.”

Humour seems to be dead in 40k these days but the smoking boots in one of the small craters always was a good conversation point.

Dating back to at least 2002 with a master model by Simon Harris and a set that sold for £18 when new.

Forgeworld product codes: FWK004/MO then TR-40K-S-002