Rhino APC

I have a lot of vehicles to paint up but wasn't really very pleased with efforts on armour from last year. My wife bought me an Element Games painting course with David Soper for earlier this year but due to COVID-19 it never happened so I have had a go. I also had a go... Continue Reading →

Vindicator I

8th edition has some rules for running multiple vindicators as a unit in terms of combined firepower from an artillery battery. On that basis I'm forming up a trio of indirect fire Siege shields naturally. Regardless of the rules, they just look better. After the attempt on the Rapier, I've continued the monotone company markings... Continue Reading →

Another Rhino

It might be the first one that I have posted here, but this is another tactical transport for the troops of the 19th Company. I've developed the insignia I trialled on the Rapier Mortar to provide some monotone chapter markings to the bullet riddled hull. It's not a Chaos Rhino unless it has a lot... Continue Reading →

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