Finished Warpsmiths Part 3

So all of the Warpsmiths are now finished, the last two being the old metal figures that I converted. Added some resin bases for a bit of extra detail. Lots of nice features to pick out on these troops. Quite enjoyed painting them up and tried to make each unique. Details, details everywhere. The second... Continue Reading →

Finished Warpsmiths Part 2

Sometime after starting here are the first three of the five warpsmiths Made a few mods to this resin model. Pretty fiddly to assemble, lots of pins Couple of the vehicles these characters are maintaining form the backdrop I like the servo skull concept so wanted to add at least one in Some great details... Continue Reading →

Finished Warpsmiths Part 1

Finished up this rogue Tech Marine adding a further Warpsmith to the ranks. This model came partially assembled so I can't guess to the origins of some of the parts used to make this figure up. The right arm is an addition of mine along with the┬ámechadendrite arms on the backpack. Quite pleased with how... Continue Reading →


The 19th Company of the Night Lords has a fair bit of heavy support and armour to keep rolling so I've always had a few specialist marines keeping things oiled and to weld stuff back together when it gets trashed. The games moved on with the advent of warpsmiths so I decided to focus on... Continue Reading →

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