Titan Reinforcements Incoming

With the release of some new Adeptus Titanicus kit I thought that it was time to look at reinforcing the Legios. The boxed sets are proper bargains and I wanted to keep both factions matched in terms of forces. So once this lot is built we should have Legio Ulricon and Legio Gryphonicus 3 Warlords1... Continue Reading →

Adeptus Titanicus Battle Report 9: Weapon Upgrades

Legio Ulricon & House Liagaun vs Legio Gryphonicus & House ColdshroudBattlemat: Medieval Ruins by Deepcut StudioScenery: Mix of Adeptus Titanicus, Unreal Wargaming Studio and Bespoke So┬áthe two Legios and their support Knight Houses lined up for battle again in an urban Sector Imperialis environment. First game of Adeptus Titanicus in months, but tried to play... Continue Reading →

Adeptus Titanicus Battle Report 8: Titan Support

Legio Ulricon vs Legio Gryphonicus Battlemat: Medieval Ruins by Deepcut Studio Scenery: Mix of Adeptus Titanicus and Bespoke So after the scouting part of knights came back to base having lost significant numbers the mighty god machines of Legio Gryphonicus spoiled up and strode forth to fight (and hopefully repel) the traitors. Warlord with Sunfury... Continue Reading →

Modular Titanicus Ruins

So I bought these for terrain from eBay but was disappointed with the finish. They were very badly cast and in the end I received a decent partial refund. Much action with the Dremel and they came out passable as ruins. I decided that I wanted to be able to make them a bit more... Continue Reading →

Titan Head

Respect to GW for mimicking the original Adeptus Titanicus Warlord heads and making them available. Truth be told I think they look terrible. On that basis decided to try and make one look better and made this. Work in progress...

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