Legio Ulricon Warlord: Astra Serpentes Defensor

So this one has been on the painting table for a while, but is at that kind of near finished state now. I don’t normally post work in progress stuff but this one is nearly over the line so I will make an exception. It needs some more inspiration and accessories for the base, for which a plan is forming. As such it’s going into the store room with the others until I get some Titanicus mojo back,

I wanted to try and get some dynamics into the pose. I don’t think Warlord titans readily lend themselves to this without a fair bit of modification and to get this one to work there is a fair bit of pinning to the base.

Crushed tank under foot as part of the step down

Engine on full advance. The head is custom, an amalgam of two types and I like the look that has resulted.

Sunfury Plasma Annihalator and Arioch Power Claw coupled with paired Turbo Laser Destructors. You’ve got to love the weapon names.

Base name plates from Versatile Terrain.

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