Minotaur Hunting

Met up with Brapscallion from the DZTV members at Dice and Decks in Southport for a game of 40k. Martin McNeil whose Wargames shop previous sponsored Winters SEO YouTube Channel runs the store and as a 40k player has an amazing collection of scenery and gaming tables.

The 1250pts of Night Lords 19th Company lined up to face the boys in bronze from the Minotaurs.

Of course the sneaky traitors did want a straight fight, no they were relatively happy to cower in the shadows and shoot the crap out of the so called good guys.

Wouldn’t be a proper battle without some DZTV dice on show.

The Night Lords brought plenty of toys, but the Sicaran and Leviathan were killing machines on the day creating a lot of carnage.

The fight definitely did not go the way of the 19th Company against Primaris marine opposition. They fought to the last man but could not overcome the loyalists.

The Dark Apostle wielded the Black Mace of doom. What a boss! He’ll be back… Re-match needed!

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