Adeptus Titanicus Battle Report 10

Legio Ulricon vs Legio Gryphonicus
Battlemat: Games Workshop
Scenery: Mix of Adeptus Titanicus, Unreal Wargaming Studio and Bespoke

Quick game with the kids. Warlord and Two Warhounds each. Battle of attrition, the one who scores the most damage wins.

Harlequin FLGS Meet Up

A bunch of us here in the North West from the DZTV community met up at the Harlequins Game Store in Preston. The idea was to try and fit in 3 games in a day and to make that happen everyone was limited to 500 points. Picking a list was tricky!

So I went for a mash up list of Renegade Militia, Night Lords and House Liagaun Knights, giving me:

  • Dark Apostle and two Dark Disciples
  • 5 Night Lords Marines including a Reaper Chaincannon
  • 3 Night Lord Bikers]
  • 2 squads of 10 Renegade Militia one with a Lascannon and one with a Plasma Gun
  • House Liagaun Wardog with Thermal Spear, Heavy Stubbier and Reaper Chain Cleaver

First game was against Sam aka DZTV Sultan and his Vorkanis 22nd Air Assault Guard. Could they traverse the board before being wiped out by the Night Lord Ambush?

Airborne mobility was a thing!

So was inaccurate shooting by the Renegade Militia. Too many combat stims made them terrible shots!

Should have brought more Marines, the mobility of the bikes was particularly impactful.

The Wardog also failed to prove it’s worth. Failing to deliver on some vital dice rolls.

At the end the loyalists escaped and the advancing marines could not chase them down fast enough!

Game two was going to be a real test with the Golden Host themselves sent in to purge the heretics! Jon Bailey aka Squid Paints had Brough some lovely looking models.

There were not many Custodians on the table, but each one was hard as nails and lethal.

The bikers charged in for a hit and run attack and left depleted but having reduced the numbers slightly.

The Lascannon put a scratch on the jet bike, which attracted the attention of the Emperor’s finest.

Open fire!

That just led to close combat which was bad news for the Night Lords.

Camping out and racking up points led to a steadily amounting set of victory points.

Out of range Custodians doing the same! Unfortunately they couldn’t catch up on the Victory points raced up by the traitors.

Final game against Brapscallion who hadn’t brought his Minotaurs this time instead favouring his Genestealer cult. Should be a walk over right?

Wrong! The Wardog went down to mining tools following an ambush and charge in the opening round. After that there was no way back into the game. Just too many of them and not enough (accurate) gun to take them out.

It was good to try some different army compositions and it’s made me think about how things might need to evolve in future.

King of the North: Blood was spilled…

They say the god of war does not care from whom the blood flows. This is probably a good thing for I am the recipient of a very fine wooden spoon for last place. The last game came down to the final rolls of the dice, but it was not to be. I lost 3 out of 3.


The board for game 1 forced a lot of movement around the buildings – this was the start lined up for Vanguard Strike to move as far up the board as possible.


And they’re off!


Sneaky Harlequin sniper on top of a building looks like a tasty snackeral for the Bloodthirster. However the Greater Daemon doesn’t last long enough to make it into combat…


Charging Bloodletters kill two jet bikes and damage a third. It’s not enough… The Harlequins win.


The Bloodthirster smells a Salamanders Leviathan and goes hunting


The Skull Cannon manages to put a scratch on the Leviathan before it is sent back to the Warp


Bloodthirster brackets the Lev but gets toasted by Heavy flamers on the charge thanks to overwatch,


Meanwhile the Bloodcrushers go after the Warlord.


When they fail to do the business the Skulltaker has a go


The final game ended up here – literally all that was left on the board. Very closely matched on victory points, but the Bloodletters just ran out of momentum to get the win…

Adeptus Titanicus Battle Report 9: Weapon Upgrades

Legio Ulricon & House Liagaun vs Legio Gryphonicus & House Coldshroud
Battlemat: Medieval Ruins by Deepcut Studio
Scenery: Mix of Adeptus Titanicus, Unreal Wargaming Studio and Bespoke

So the two Legios and their support Knight Houses lined up for battle again in an urban Sector Imperialis environment.

First game of Adeptus Titanicus in months, but tried to play it “more properly” with the kids, selecting the Retrieval mission out o the main rule book.

Legio Ulricon’s Warhound picked up the stranded Titan crew from the central objective but took titanic damage being immobilised before being destroyed.

The rescued crew were relayed onto the Warlord that strode up to collect.

Victory to the Traitors! Tried the Arioch Claws and Sunfury Plasma weaponry in this game, maybe get the Quake cannons and Warp Missiles out next time!

Last game of the year with `Christmas just around the corner. 2019 has been a good hobby gaming year! Final news is sight of an early Christmas present, more titan weaponry and some of the new scenery for the industrial war zone that I am building.

Minotaurs Return

Headed up to Preston’s Harlequins FLGS to battle Brapscallion and his boys in bronze again. This time 1750pts worth and some new toys on the table!

The landing platform was going to be a flashpoint. After the first turn this is the lone surviving Incursor.

The Night Lords brought a Deredeo for some Primaris killing capability which sat in the backfield.

Meanwhile some cultists camped out on objectives whilst the Leviathan and a Hellwright flanked to the left

Minotaur Intercessors held their lines supported by…

…a Redemptor Dreadnought. That was going to a bullet magnet!

Reivers dropped into the backfield to cause problems… The Chaos Lord was going to have to earn his stripes in combat.

Then some Assault Marines jump packed in with a similar plan. The Night Lords primed the Melta Gun…

The Leviathan and Hellwright made it into the ruins to contest the objective. There would be blood spilled.

Whilst on the right flank the Chaos Sorcerer cast his daemonic call to arms with a Bloodletter Bomb and a Skulltaker materialising from the immaterium.

The Leviathan purged with fire and claws of fury, whilst the Hellwright never even managed to raise his battle ace before he was cut down by an avenging angel.

It didn’t matter though, because that Bloodletter bomb proved to be devastating and like locusts consumed everything in their path as they swept right to left across the board.

At the end the only surviving Minotaurs were these two heroes holding their last objective as the horde closed in… The match let the Night Lords address the balance of victories and settle the score of the initial defeat. There will need to be a decider!

Waaargh the Orks

A quick mini battle with Marc and his Orks on a small board to accelerate the out comes of the 750pt battle

I liked the Ryza Pattern scenery that came with the Conquest series so much that I bought the Kill Team Box Set to get some more of it. Far from finished but I think good enough for the table top even in this base coated form.

DZTV objective markers in play. Holding onto these was going to be a challenge.

Trukk rammed Leviathan surviving heavy flamer overwatch on the charge. Didn’t survive the counter attack. Da boyz won’t be doing that again.

Kilkannon on the Battlewagon is devastating when it works. Hellforged Leviathan lumbered towards the Orks facing down the long barrel of something that may or may not obliterate it…

In the end the Night Lords edged the boys by 1pt, the Leviathan was unstoppable but the Orks in close combat were more that the traitor marines could withstand in close combat.

Minotaur Hunting

Met up with Brapscallion from the DZTV members at Dice and Decks in Southport for a game of 40k. Martin McNeil whose Wargames shop previous sponsored Winters SEO YouTube Channel runs the store and as a 40k player has an amazing collection of scenery and gaming tables.

The 1250pts of Night Lords 19th Company lined up to face the boys in bronze from the Minotaurs.

Of course the sneaky traitors did want a straight fight, no they were relatively happy to cower in the shadows and shoot the crap out of the so called good guys.

Wouldn’t be a proper battle without some DZTV dice on show.

The Night Lords brought plenty of toys, but the Sicaran and Leviathan were killing machines on the day creating a lot of carnage.

The fight definitely did not go the way of the 19th Company against Primaris marine opposition. They fought to the last man but could not overcome the loyalists.

The Dark Apostle wielded the Black Mace of doom. What a boss! He’ll be back… Re-match needed!

Blood Angels vs Night Lords

Had a little home battle with Nick using the DZTV dice that I picked up at the open day. They’re a good colour for battles in grim dark terrain – they really stay out. There is something to be said for playing 40k on a decent battle mat with a few bits of terrain in comparison to the games I was playing when I was a kid that generally involved a carpeted floor and in true Games Workshop style from that era books hidden under a sheet for hills. Yes line of sight blocking terrain was a thing even then.

Not much happened in turn one other than some long range shooting fro m the big guns.

There was some early occupation of the objectives by the Blood Angel Reivers.

No one made it onto the platform early on to bag the objective up there despite the bonus points it offered.

A bit of Dreadnought on Dreadnought action at distance…

Day two (because of under 10 kids attention span being a thing) saw the game continue and things get a bit more up close and personal for the troops. Turns out the Land Raider did fit under the landing platform which meant the Flamestorm cannons were a challenge for the boys in blue.

The Reivers turned out to be more than a match for the Assault squad that dropped in on them from the sky. Lessons were learned.

The 19th company having wiped out some more loyalists decided to go for the big points…

And the remaining Blood Angels who were camped out on the objective were going to have to fight for it…

First time I’ve used MDF terrain in a battle. The landing pad is from the Dark Assembly range from Warcradle and was in stock at the local hobby shop. It’s all magnetised that gives some options for assembly and makes storage much easier. My criticism of all MDF terrain is that it lacks surface detail, so I have bought some flexible resin cables from Zinge Industries and the plan is to do some mods and upgrades at some point.

Deployment Zone TV Open Day

Deployment Zone TV has been a real motivator to get back into the hobby. Liam and Winters had organised an inaugural open day at Element Games in Stockport for 31st August 2019 , it’d be rude not to go. Having bought a ticket months ago, I picked 1,000 points of Nostramo’s finest and headed off.

The DZTV team were polite and modest hosts who created a light hearted and friendly day for all of us who made the trip from all over the UK and beyond.

The army, I’ll post up a more detailed breakdown shortly.

For the first game we took on some Primaris Imperial Fists. Facing up to 10 Hellblasters was a sobering moment.

Sure enough they tore some chunks out of the Land Raider pretty quickly. I should have brought a Warpsmith!

The units advanced…

..but were spotted

The jump pack equipped assault squad stormed forwards and the Rhino survived long enough as a shield wall to absorb the plasma rounds from the Hellblasters.

Lots of rapid fire shots from the Imperial ranks reduced the troops pretty  quickly but the heretical cultists held on to some of the objective markers and started clocking up victory points as the Terminators became a popular, but resilient bullet magnet.

The Landraider succumbed in the final rounds but the Warlord and his fellow Terminator clad Night Lords had amassed enough VPs for victory! The other game was a loss, but it was a great day and like everyone else we’re looking forwards to the next event.

40k Battle Report: Night Lords vs Bad Moons

So Codexes at hand and basic 8th Edition rules and my first 40k game in over 20 years and my Night Lords take a beating from my 8 year old son’s Bad Moon Orks. I think we made it three rounds before boredom for small people set in. Still it generated enthusiasm and left plenty of food for thought for the next game.