Adeptus Titanicus Battle Report 10

Legio Ulricon vs Legio Gryphonicus Battlemat: Games WorkshopScenery: Mix of Adeptus Titanicus, Unreal Wargaming Studio and Bespoke Quick game with the kids. Warlord and Two Warhounds each. Battle of attrition, the one who scores the most damage wins.

Harlequin FLGS Meet Up

A bunch of us here in the North West from the DZTV community met up at the Harlequins Game Store in Preston. The idea was to try and fit in 3 games in a day and to make that happen everyone was limited to 500 points. Picking a list was tricky! So I went for... Continue Reading →

Adeptus Titanicus Battle Report 9: Weapon Upgrades

Legio Ulricon & House Liagaun vs Legio Gryphonicus & House ColdshroudBattlemat: Medieval Ruins by Deepcut StudioScenery: Mix of Adeptus Titanicus, Unreal Wargaming Studio and Bespoke So┬áthe two Legios and their support Knight Houses lined up for battle again in an urban Sector Imperialis environment. First game of Adeptus Titanicus in months, but tried to play... Continue Reading →

Minotaurs Return

Headed up to Preston's Harlequins FLGS to battle Brapscallion and his boys in bronze again. This time 1750pts worth and some new toys on the table! The landing platform was going to be a flashpoint. After the first turn this is the lone surviving Incursor. The Night Lords brought a Deredeo for some Primaris killing... Continue Reading →

Waaargh the Orks

A quick mini battle with Marc and his Orks on a small board to accelerate the out comes of the 750pt battle I liked the Ryza Pattern scenery that came with the Conquest series so much that I bought the Kill Team Box Set to get some more of it. Far from finished but I... Continue Reading →

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