Minotaurs Return

Headed up to Preston’s Harlequins FLGS to battle Brapscallion and his boys in bronze again. This time 1750pts worth and some new toys on the table!

The landing platform was going to be a flashpoint. After the first turn this is the lone surviving Incursor.

The Night Lords brought a Deredeo for some Primaris killing capability which sat in the backfield.

Meanwhile some cultists camped out on objectives whilst the Leviathan and a Hellwright flanked to the left

Minotaur Intercessors held their lines supported by…

…a Redemptor Dreadnought. That was going to a bullet magnet!

Reivers dropped into the backfield to cause problems… The Chaos Lord was going to have to earn his stripes in combat.

Then some Assault Marines jump packed in with a similar plan. The Night Lords primed the Melta Gun…

The Leviathan and Hellwright made it into the ruins to contest the objective. There would be blood spilled.

Whilst on the right flank the Chaos Sorcerer cast his daemonic call to arms with a Bloodletter Bomb and a Skulltaker materialising from the immaterium.

The Leviathan purged with fire and claws of fury, whilst the Hellwright never even managed to raise his battle ace before he was cut down by an avenging angel.

It didn’t matter though, because that Bloodletter bomb proved to be devastating and like locusts consumed everything in their path as they swept right to left across the board.

At the end the only surviving Minotaurs were these two heroes holding their last objective as the horde closed in… The match let the Night Lords address the balance of victories and settle the score of the initial defeat. There will need to be a decider!

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