Harlequin FLGS Meet Up

A bunch of us here in the North West from the DZTV community met up at the Harlequins Game Store in Preston. The idea was to try and fit in 3 games in a day and to make that happen everyone was limited to 500 points. Picking a list was tricky!

So I went for a mash up list of Renegade Militia, Night Lords and House Liagaun Knights, giving me:

  • Dark Apostle and two Dark Disciples
  • 5 Night Lords Marines including a Reaper Chaincannon
  • 3 Night Lord Bikers]
  • 2 squads of 10 Renegade Militia one with a Lascannon and one with a Plasma Gun
  • House Liagaun Wardog with Thermal Spear, Heavy Stubbier and Reaper Chain Cleaver

First game was against Sam aka DZTV Sultan and his Vorkanis 22nd Air Assault Guard. Could they traverse the board before being wiped out by the Night Lord Ambush?

Airborne mobility was a thing!

So was inaccurate shooting by the Renegade Militia. Too many combat stims made them terrible shots!

Should have brought more Marines, the mobility of the bikes was particularly impactful.

The Wardog also failed to prove it’s worth. Failing to deliver on some vital dice rolls.

At the end the loyalists escaped and the advancing marines could not chase them down fast enough!

Game two was going to be a real test with the Golden Host themselves sent in to purge the heretics! Jon Bailey aka Squid Paints had Brough some lovely looking models.

There were not many Custodians on the table, but each one was hard as nails and lethal.

The bikers charged in for a hit and run attack and left depleted but having reduced the numbers slightly.

The Lascannon put a scratch on the jet bike, which attracted the attention of the Emperor’s finest.

Open fire!

That just led to close combat which was bad news for the Night Lords.

Camping out and racking up points led to a steadily amounting set of victory points.

Out of range Custodians doing the same! Unfortunately they couldn’t catch up on the Victory points raced up by the traitors.

Final game against Brapscallion who hadn’t brought his Minotaurs this time instead favouring his Genestealer cult. Should be a walk over right?

Wrong! The Wardog went down to mining tools following an ambush and charge in the opening round. After that there was no way back into the game. Just too many of them and not enough (accurate) gun to take them out.

It was good to try some different army compositions and it’s made me think about how things might need to evolve in future.

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