Renegade Leman Russ

A Leman Russ new from Forgeworld was the basis for this build.

It’s the Death Korps of Krieg Mars Alpha Pattern Leman Russ with Modified Ryza Pattern Turret plus a few extra bits, like the etched brass chaos plates and some war trophies.

The Forgeworld kit provides some great enhancements over the stock tank notably the air filters and trench rail modifications. The extra details really make the model.

The Mighty Brush did the honours in providing some more of their outstanding decals (and stepping up to send out more when I needed them midway through the build).

This provides another armoured unit for my Renegade Guard, the Vraksian 352nd.

Renegade Chimera

I didn’t have any armour for my renegade guard, but this came up as a base coated model at a reasonable price so I thought that I would start off some armour.

Forgeworld spaced armour sides and a dozer blade for extra presence on the battlefield.

Cracked out the Forgeworld brass etch traitor guard symbols and added some of the decals from The Mighty Brush.

Pretty pleased with how it came out in the end. Might have started a little something here…

Renegade Heavy Weapons

Finished up these heavy weapons units for the Renegade Militia. Will admit that I bought them based and magnetised so it was a painting only effort.

The tripod on this Autocannon model is magnetised so the heavy weapon can be swapped for a Lascannon or Heavy Weapon as well.

Really like this foxhole model with the traitors dug in. Head and shoulders only!

Renegade Militia Updates

Really liked the Firebrand model out of Blackstone Fortress. Tricky to paint because sub-assemblies aren’t that easy on this one…

Converted firebrand with a fuel canister from Zinge Industries…

Third one converted from a 1987 Bob Olley sculpted Astronaut model. Quite pleased with this one as there is a massive difference in the quality of the modern casts.

Renegade militia sniper squad to add to the ranks of the 352nd Vraksian Corps.

Really like the Anvil Industry miniatures, sniper rifles are a bit of a faff to built but look really good once done.

Painted up the last of the Blackstone Fortress renegades. Liking the additions and weapons that are included.

Renegade Ogryns

When the original renegade militia Forgeworld models were produced I really liked them, yet getting hold of a set has only just happened. Will be interesting to see how these guys get on in combat.

More Renegade Militia

Made up another squad of renegade militia using the miniatures from the Blackstone Fortress set plus some other bits from the spares box.

The new sculpts are good ones so fine additions to the current troops.

Renegade Psykers

Managed to get hold of some of the miniatures out of the Blackstone Fortress game. These are the renegade psykers.

These are pretty cool sculpts but it makes me want to build a rogue psyker coven so I am going to look for some other models to add to the numbers.

Harlequin FLGS Meet Up

A bunch of us here in the North West from the DZTV community met up at the Harlequins Game Store in Preston. The idea was to try and fit in 3 games in a day and to make that happen everyone was limited to 500 points. Picking a list was tricky!

So I went for a mash up list of Renegade Militia, Night Lords and House Liagaun Knights, giving me:

  • Dark Apostle and two Dark Disciples
  • 5 Night Lords Marines including a Reaper Chaincannon
  • 3 Night Lord Bikers]
  • 2 squads of 10 Renegade Militia one with a Lascannon and one with a Plasma Gun
  • House Liagaun Wardog with Thermal Spear, Heavy Stubbier and Reaper Chain Cleaver

First game was against Sam aka DZTV Sultan and his Vorkanis 22nd Air Assault Guard. Could they traverse the board before being wiped out by the Night Lord Ambush?

Airborne mobility was a thing!

So was inaccurate shooting by the Renegade Militia. Too many combat stims made them terrible shots!

Should have brought more Marines, the mobility of the bikes was particularly impactful.

The Wardog also failed to prove it’s worth. Failing to deliver on some vital dice rolls.

At the end the loyalists escaped and the advancing marines could not chase them down fast enough!

Game two was going to be a real test with the Golden Host themselves sent in to purge the heretics! Jon Bailey aka Squid Paints had Brough some lovely looking models.

There were not many Custodians on the table, but each one was hard as nails and lethal.

The bikers charged in for a hit and run attack and left depleted but having reduced the numbers slightly.

The Lascannon put a scratch on the jet bike, which attracted the attention of the Emperor’s finest.

Open fire!

That just led to close combat which was bad news for the Night Lords.

Camping out and racking up points led to a steadily amounting set of victory points.

Out of range Custodians doing the same! Unfortunately they couldn’t catch up on the Victory points raced up by the traitors.

Final game against Brapscallion who hadn’t brought his Minotaurs this time instead favouring his Genestealer cult. Should be a walk over right?

Wrong! The Wardog went down to mining tools following an ambush and charge in the opening round. After that there was no way back into the game. Just too many of them and not enough (accurate) gun to take them out.

It was good to try some different army compositions and it’s made me think about how things might need to evolve in future.


It turns out that Instagram peer pressure is a thing, but not as much as the issue with inconsistency in lighting for photos. Most of the time when I want to take photos of miniatures it’s after hours. Kids are in bed and it’s dark outside. Natural light is not going to happen very often for my photos.

Painted up the new Obliterators from the Shadowspear box set, Great models!

So after some basic research I bought a Lightbox from Amazon and have been experimenting. Turns out this is not a simple thing to use and certainly doesn’t lend itself to point and click digital photography. Previously I’ve tried black backdrops and think some of my better photos have come from diffuse natural light and a matt black backdrop.

Liking the poses our of the box on these

Yet in the light box white backdrops and the exposure ramped up seemed to give the best results. I recently upgraded my phone to an iPhone 11 Pro Max with it’s fancy triple lens camera set up so there are some good adjustments and fiddling about to be had.

In addition to the Obliterators I also bought some of these Apothecary models off eBay. In hindsight I am not sure why I painted them like all the other Marines. Maybe I thought white armour probably wasn’t the best for slinking about in the shadows.

However every time I look at these guys I think that they are not ‘right’ so at some point I am going to have to revisit them and address this. They’ll probably end up getting repainted. In white. Just like every other Apothecary model. In every other chapter. Hmmm. Some research needed.

I’ve also ended up with these on the wrong sized bases. As there isn’t an Apothercary model equivalent in Chaos Space Marine army lists they’ll basically be fielded as Exhalted Champions and need to go up to a 40mm base. Let’s just say mistakes were made.

I also stuck together and painted up a couple more chaos cultists with heavy weapons. Yes one of the Heavy Stubbers is off a War Dog knight!

Renegade Guard

So back when Forgeworld released the Renegade Guard models around 2007 I thought they were some of the best sculpts I had seen but for various reasons I never bought any.

Fast forward to 2018 and the announcement they are going out of production I bought up a set and finally this year painted them up.

And yes they do sit well alongside the 19th Company

More to come once I get around to painting them up.