Renegade Leman Russ

A Leman Russ new from Forgeworld was the basis for this build. It's the Death Korps of Krieg Mars Alpha Pattern Leman Russ with Modified Ryza Pattern Turret plus a few extra bits, like the etched brass chaos plates and some war trophies. The Forgeworld kit provides some great enhancements over the stock tank notably... Continue Reading →

Renegade Chimera

I didn't have any armour for my renegade guard, but this came up as a base coated model at a reasonable price so I thought that I would start off some armour. Forgeworld spaced armour sides and a dozer blade for extra presence on the battlefield. Cracked out the Forgeworld brass etch traitor guard symbols... Continue Reading →

Renegade Heavy Weapons

Finished up these heavy weapons units for the Renegade Militia. Will admit that I bought them based and magnetised so it was a painting only effort. The tripod on this Autocannon model is magnetised so the heavy weapon can be swapped for a Lascannon or Heavy Weapon as well. Really like this foxhole model with... Continue Reading →

Blackstone Fortress Renegades

Amonst the ranks of the renegade militia that make up the ranks of the 352nd Vraksian Corps are a rag tag mixture of chaos cultists and guardsmen. Here are the last of the Blackstone Fortress renegades. I am liking the additions and weapons that are included.

Renegade Militia Snipers

Renegade militia sniper squad to add to the ranks of the 352nd Vraksian Corps. Really like the Anvil Industry miniatures, sniper rifles are a bit of a faff to built but look really good once done.

Renegade Militia Updates

Really liked the Firebrand model out of Blackstone Fortress. Tricky to paint because sub-assemblies aren't that easy on this one... Converted firebrand with a fuel canister from Zinge Industries... Third one converted from a 1987 Bob Olley sculpted Astronaut model. Quite pleased with this one as there is a massive difference in the quality of... Continue Reading →

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