Chaos Renegades

When Forgeworld announced the were doing a final production run on the chaos renegades I snapped a load up which have been sat in blister packs ever since:

Having decided it was time to remedy this situation I have finally assembled them all and started painting them up. Here’s the command squad:

Plus the Enforcer squad:

I need to find the rules for the enforcers, but they’re a good looking squad.

This squad came up on the Bay of E and was a proper bargain, really well painted too:

I liked the idea of the heavy weapons team, so I’ve bought another three gun team units to convert and paint up too.

I’ve also managed to get my final 10 man squad of renegades into base coat so will get them finished off soon.

Chaos Nutters Part 2

Finished the painting, based the renegade chaos cultists up messed about a bit trying to remember how to take reasonable photos of small figures…

Then these additions arrived courtesy of the bay of E. So started a bit of work on them. The band’o’nutters is growing…

Chaos Nutters Part 1

Turns out that these days in 40k you need some surprisingly dangerous in large number type units to distract your enemies and to camp out on those objective markers.

Chaos cultists, renegades or whatever you want to call them seem to be the go to unit so I thought I’d raid the old miniatures box and see what I could dig out and found these…

Yes that’d be three metal figures (L to R) namely a Guardman, a Scavvy and a Bratt. Horrendously painted (in possibly enamel) with what appears to have been a decorators paint brush by a person with no talent. When you get a box of random figures it can be lucky dip. Time for a bath in paint stripper…

Stripped back to bare metal and in need of a bit of final scalpel work to get the last remnants of paint off ’em. Then onto a bit of conversion work and raiding the bits boxes to make these:

Time for paint and to get some better photos…