Master of Possession

That’s another one out of the Shadowspear box set ticked off the list and out of the backlog…

Slight tweak to the icon to bring it more in line with the Skullreapers iconography and vibe, think it worked out okay!

Herald of the Apocalypse

GW say Haarken Worldclaimer takes a heinous joy in his role as the mouthpiece of Abaddon, for it is he who proclaims the death of worlds. He does so not with some quotidian threat or hollow boast, but by driving his weapon, the Daemon-touched Helspear deep into the heart of citizen and soldier alike. He is a dark omen given form, and the otherworldly destruction he heralds is the coming of the Warmaster himself.  Right on.

Great model, spear shaft and spiky bits are a bit fragile and needed some pinning.

Really need to think about the backdrops for trying to do dark backgrounds. The colours here really don’t do it any justice.


It turns out that Instagram peer pressure is a thing, but not as much as the issue with inconsistency in lighting for photos. Most of the time when I want to take photos of miniatures it’s after hours. Kids are in bed and it’s dark outside. Natural light is not going to happen very often for my photos.

Painted up the new Obliterators from the Shadowspear box set, Great models!

So after some basic research I bought a Lightbox from Amazon and have been experimenting. Turns out this is not a simple thing to use and certainly doesn’t lend itself to point and click digital photography. Previously I’ve tried black backdrops and think some of my better photos have come from diffuse natural light and a matt black backdrop.

Liking the poses our of the box on these

Yet in the light box white backdrops and the exposure ramped up seemed to give the best results. I recently upgraded my phone to an iPhone 11 Pro Max with it’s fancy triple lens camera set up so there are some good adjustments and fiddling about to be had.

In addition to the Obliterators I also bought some of these Apothecary models off eBay. In hindsight I am not sure why I painted them like all the other Marines. Maybe I thought white armour probably wasn’t the best for slinking about in the shadows.

However every time I look at these guys I think that they are not ‘right’ so at some point I am going to have to revisit them and address this. They’ll probably end up getting repainted. In white. Just like every other Apothecary model. In every other chapter. Hmmm. Some research needed.

I’ve also ended up with these on the wrong sized bases. As there isn’t an Apothercary model equivalent in Chaos Space Marine army lists they’ll basically be fielded as Exhalted Champions and need to go up to a 40mm base. Let’s just say mistakes were made.

I also stuck together and painted up a couple more chaos cultists with heavy weapons. Yes one of the Heavy Stubbers is off a War Dog knight!

Tactical Claw

Another squad made up of an eclectic mix of armour types and a range of miniatures over the last 20 years – the Corvus pattern armoured marine is modified from one of the original first plastic marines.

Some closer shots of the units. A decade or more ago the thinking was that traitor marine squads should be numbered in relation to the chaos god they followed, so all my squads used to be in units of 8. In the current edition of 40k that is no advantage for special and heavy weapons so it makes sense to bring a full unit of 10.

Not really bothered with squad or claw markings. When I’m selecting miniatures for an army to play with I just select ones I fancy the look of out of the display case. That might change in future.

Still experimenting with photography. Took these ones outside on some very old concrete!

Another Claw

Painted up some more Night Lords for the 19th. This time I went for a mixture of the newer models our of the Shadowspear box set and some older marks of Adeptus Astrates power armour.

A couple of group shot photos. I think I will have to get a light box. These photos aren’t really working for me. They don’t do the colour justice.

Legion Praetor

When I created this one I did wonder if the head proportions worked with it being an older metal part, but with a bit of green stuff I think it has worked out okay.

On reflection, the skin tone needs to be paler. Maybe I’ll do some work to address that and take some better photos.

The chainglaive wielding, jump pack equipped character will lead a squad of similarly equipped marines.

In all pretty happy with this one so far, but will undoubtedly do some more work on him.

Night Lords Champion

I’m on the fence with the parade / dress uniform winged helms. This one was already painted when I picked up the model so I’ve only made a few changes to make it fall in line with the 19th.

The Skull Reapers shun the crimson red wings of their brothers in other companies within the fallen chapter.

New Tactical Squad

The new Chaos Space Marine figures have been out for a while now and I thought it’d be good to add a few into the ranks of the 19th Company. Here’s the first half of a new 10 man squad.

I’ve been reading the Night Lords omnibus courtesy of the Black Library recently so will take some inspiration from this in making the squad a diverse mixture of armour types.

There’s a further 10 man squad of the new figures in base coat and another 10 on the way via a Shadowspear boxed set.

Havoc Squad Finished

That took far too long as I have been spending time working on the eldest son’s Bad Moon Orks and the youngest’s Blood Angels, but finally finished the 5th Night Lord Havoc for the new squad