Another fist of claws

Finished up another 5 marines for the Night Lords.

These guys are much the same as the last five.

Combination of combi-weapons, heavy weapons and bolters.

Oh and chainaxes. We do not have enough chainaxes so more of them on the way.

Also intermingling some augmentic limbs. I reckon these rag tag traitors will have needed a few of those along the way too.

Added in a standard bearer, banner comes from the Vampire Counts series.

More from the Claws

At the moment I am adding extra Marines into the 19th Company. There is no real plan here. The idea is that they are a rag tag group with scavenged armour and weapons. More to follow in future months…

This bunch loosely make up a tactical squad, but the mix of weapons clearly isn’t codex compliant. Not a problem when it comes to just needing a marine with a combi weapon or a special weapon to join a claw for battle deployment.

Assault Squad Part 1

Started on a new Assault Squad for the 19th Company.

A combination of new Chaos Space Marine models and old ones to make an initial squad of 5, the plan is a second set of 5 in the near future.

Added some skulls on 1mm trace chain, that seemed to work well so we will develop the theme.

Night Lords Update

Adding a few photos of things recently finished. Some of these have been played in games over recent times, but were probably not in finished states at the time!

Venomcrawler from the Shadowspear boxed set. Decided that I wanted a dark look to all of these daemonic engines… Liked this one so much that I’ve ordered a second one.

Arch Lord Discordant on Helstalker

Chaos Sorcerer in Terminator Armour. Really good fit for the narrative around the 19th Company and their alignment to Khorne.

Let’s get a Thunder Hammer in the mix…

Another photo of the Master of Possession but this time on a white backdrop

Sicaran battle tank known as the Sword of Aegeus. Killer of Minotaurs.

I may revisit this tank for some battle damage effects in future…

Havoc squad – really liked these miniatures, so will get some more for conversion purposes…

Master of Possession

That’s another one out of the Shadowspear box set ticked off the list and out of the backlog…

Slight tweak to the icon to bring it more in line with the Skullreapers iconography and vibe, think it worked out okay!

Herald of the Apocalypse

GW say Haarken Worldclaimer takes a heinous joy in his role as the mouthpiece of Abaddon, for it is he who proclaims the death of worlds. He does so not with some quotidian threat or hollow boast, but by driving his weapon, the Daemon-touched Helspear deep into the heart of citizen and soldier alike. He is a dark omen given form, and the otherworldly destruction he heralds is the coming of the Warmaster himself.  Right on.

Great model, spear shaft and spiky bits are a bit fragile and needed some pinning.

Really need to think about the backdrops for trying to do dark backgrounds. The colours here really don’t do it any justice.


It turns out that Instagram peer pressure is a thing, but not as much as the issue with inconsistency in lighting for photos. Most of the time when I want to take photos of miniatures it’s after hours. Kids are in bed and it’s dark outside. Natural light is not going to happen very often for my photos.

Painted up the new Obliterators from the Shadowspear box set, Great models!

So after some basic research I bought a Lightbox from Amazon and have been experimenting. Turns out this is not a simple thing to use and certainly doesn’t lend itself to point and click digital photography. Previously I’ve tried black backdrops and think some of my better photos have come from diffuse natural light and a matt black backdrop.

Liking the poses our of the box on these

Yet in the light box white backdrops and the exposure ramped up seemed to give the best results. I recently upgraded my phone to an iPhone 11 Pro Max with it’s fancy triple lens camera set up so there are some good adjustments and fiddling about to be had.

In addition to the Obliterators I also bought some of these Apothecary models off eBay. In hindsight I am not sure why I painted them like all the other Marines. Maybe I thought white armour probably wasn’t the best for slinking about in the shadows.

However every time I look at these guys I think that they are not ‘right’ so at some point I am going to have to revisit them and address this. They’ll probably end up getting repainted. In white. Just like every other Apothecary model. In every other chapter. Hmmm. Some research needed.

I’ve also ended up with these on the wrong sized bases. As there isn’t an Apothercary model equivalent in Chaos Space Marine army lists they’ll basically be fielded as Exhalted Champions and need to go up to a 40mm base. Let’s just say mistakes were made.

I also stuck together and painted up a couple more chaos cultists with heavy weapons. Yes one of the Heavy Stubbers is off a War Dog knight!