Ended up with a second Karanak model having bought some reinforcements for the Khorne Army after the battle earlier this year. I wanted to see if the three headed model could be converted into a single headed flesh hound. This is the result.

Modding the List

After the game, I think that there are a few things I'd change, but here's a pic of the army I took. The Bloodthirster is just a gun magnet and degrades too quickly even with the Armour of Scorn with a 6+ feel no pain. I'd take a Daemon Prince with wings and more Bloodletters... Continue Reading →

Khorne Daemon Army

As I plan heading off to a 1250pt Deployment Zone TV invitational tournament called King of the North to be held at Element Games in mid-January, I had a realisation. I hadn't added that army to my list of things to do because it was done, except it wasn't. Over the last 20 years I've... Continue Reading →

Karanak, the Hound of Vengeance

So after a fair bit of procrastination I picked up age uber hell hound and built it up. I reckon that's quite enough dogs of war for now - lots of rebasing work still to do on the rest of the pack.


After a fair bit of procrastination I finally finished the Bloodletters that I had been putting off for months. Quite enjoyed them once I got into it. This was about adding a further 16 of these Lesser Daemons into the Khornate part of the army. There was some repetition of model, but when I built... Continue Reading →

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