Hrnnar of the dark shroud

Finished up another contemptor pattern dreadnought for the 19th Company. All the trophies are additions and non-standard from a variety of sources. This model came with a Horus Heresy era Night Lords army I bought and was pre-build. I removed both Volkite weapon arms and magnetised them to make the model a bit more versatile... Continue Reading →

Second Contemptor Dreadnought

I've finished a second Contemptor Dreadnought, they remain my least favourite Dreadnought chassis. There is something about the design I just don't like and even with a fair bit of effort to modify them and make it more detailed and unique I'm still not happy with the end result. Anyway too the standard model and... Continue Reading →


So I've taken photos of all of my painted Dreadnoughts. The new word for these is Hellbrutes, but they're the same thing. There are some classic chaos units here. Most of the ones below are from theĀ Castraferrum Pattern. This was a Forgeworld pattern resin model although I think that the heavy plasma armament may have... Continue Reading →

Siege Leviathans

When the chance to own these pair of Siege Leviathan Dreadnoughts came up I jumped at it. They were part of a larger collection now in the backlog awaiting paint, but these were the first figures I picked up to start painting. Just look at 'em. They're huge. I'm going to adorn them with some... Continue Reading →

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