Night Lords

  • Fjallrvn the Grim

    Fjallrvn the Grim

    I admit to not being a massive fan on the contemptor pattern dreadnoughts so I put extra effort into this one. Added a few more grim embellishments to bring it on theme with the Skull Reapers company. The model was an eBay rescue and was missing a shoulder piece which was found in the bits…… Read more

  • Spartan


    The Forgeworld Spartan Assault Tank is a classic design and a big hunk of resin. This one is painted up in Skull Reapers livery, usual approach for this company of the Night Lords. Grim and dark with some bespoke campaign markings and livery. A mixture of corpses from different sources… …and the obligatory skulls! Read more

  • Final Claw of 2020

    Final Claw of 2020

    Wanted to end the year with some more Night Lords so here is the final claw additions of the year. I was getting really unhappy about photographing on white because I could not get the colours to work the way I wanted them to. So I watched the McCordall video on shooting black on black,…… Read more

  • Night Lord Claw Additions

    Night Lord Claw Additions

    Adding some more traitor marines into the ranks. This was one of the targets for the year and the numbers have been pretty good. One further squad of five to add before New Year, just a little left to do to get them finished. I am not sure where the resin sculpt for the body…… Read more

  • Sniper Squad

    Sniper Squad

    These have been sitting primed on the shelf for most of the year so made a push to get them finished. They get a stealthier version of the 19th Company livery with no brass on the armour. Some classic poses on these models even if they have no place in 40k I really like them…… Read more

  • Flying the Banner for Grimdark Justuce

    Flying the Banner for Grimdark Justuce

    Enjoyed painting up the tank crew conversions and decided that I did not have enough of the earlier marks of armour in the ranks of the 19th, so added in this squad. Also don’t have any sanctioned marines, so it’s about time to add in some red-handed models… Grimdark justice coming to an unfortunate planet…… Read more

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