Renegade Guard

  • Renegade Ogryns

    Renegade Ogryns

    When the original renegade militia Forgeworld models were produced I really liked them, yet getting hold of a set has only just happened. Will be interesting to see how these guys get on in combat. Read more

  • More Renegade Militia

    More Renegade Militia

    Made up another squad of renegade militia using the miniatures from the Blackstone Fortress set plus some other bits from the spares box. The new sculpts are good ones so fine additions to the current troops. Read more

  • Renegade Psykers

    Renegade Psykers

    Managed to get hold of some of the miniatures out of the Blackstone Fortress game. These are the renegade psykers. These are pretty cool sculpts but it makes me want to build a rogue psyker coven so I am going to look for some other models to add to the numbers. Read more

  • Harlequin FLGS Meet Up

    Harlequin FLGS Meet Up

    A bunch of us here in the North West from the DZTV community met up at the Harlequins Game Store in Preston. The idea was to try and fit in 3 games in a day and to make that happen everyone was limited to 500 points. Picking a list was tricky! So I went for…… Read more

  • Lightbox


    It turns out that Instagram peer pressure is a thing, but not as much as the issue with inconsistency in lighting for photos. Most of the time when I want to take photos of miniatures it’s after hours. Kids are in bed and it’s dark outside. Natural light is not going to happen very often…… Read more

  • Renegade Guard

    Renegade Guard

    So back when Forgeworld released the Renegade Guard models around 2007 I thought they were some of the best sculpts I had seen but for various reasons I never bought any. Fast forward to 2018 and the announcement they are going out of production I bought up a set and finally this year painted them…… Read more

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