• Games Workshop Command Edition Scenery

    Games Workshop Command Edition Scenery

    Wanted to get my hands on the new 9th Edition rules and having missed out on the limited edition boxed set (I made zero effort to get it, but was amused by the Games Workshop induced carnage), I thought the Command Edition starter set was spectacular value. About the only downside of the scenery is…… Read more

  • Forgeworld Barricade

    Forgeworld Barricade

    I have ended up with two of these sandbag barricade sections. This is the first on painted to a tabletop standard. Read more

  • Forgeworld Tank Traps and UWS Ruined Pill Box

    Forgeworld Tank Traps and UWS Ruined Pill Box

    Forgeworld tank traps. These are used to block the movement of enemy ground based vehicles, slowing down any armoured assault. The kit contained three sets of Tank Traps based of a Master Model by Mark Bedford (Product Code TR-40K-S-085..) was £18 for the set back in 2006, Shown here with a ruined pillbox from Unreal Wargaming Studio. Read more

  • Forgeworld Ammo Dump

    Forgeworld Ammo Dump

    Ammo dumps are used by the Imperial Guard as a storage for the various types of ammunition the infantry and armour require. This is a fantastic one piece resin model makes a great objective for your games of Warhammer 40,000. Master model by Simon Harris for Forgeworld. (Product Codes FWF017 then  TR-40K-S-018) was only £12 when…… Read more

  • Forgeworld Taros Underground Entrance

    Forgeworld Taros Underground Entrance

    Painted up some more of the Forgeworld scenery from the stash. Imperial underground building entrance as used on the desert world of Taros and other planets in the Imperium. Complete resin kit. Model designed by Daren Parrwood for Forgeworld (Product Code TR-40K-S-064) was only £16 when available around 2006 Read more

  • Forgeworld City Fight Ruined Buildings

    Forgeworld City Fight Ruined Buildings

    I loved going into Wargames and then as it became, Dice and Decks in Southport. Martin had a great setup and I really loved the Forgeworld scenery he had available for use. When Martin decided just before the world went mad with COVID-19 to close the store and move to a warehouse and online setup…… Read more

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