Games Workshop Command Edition Scenery

Wanted to get my hands on the new 9th Edition rules and having missed out on the limited edition boxed set (I made zero effort to get it, but was amused by the Games Workshop induced carnage), I thought the Command Edition starter set was spectacular value.

About the only downside of the scenery is that the building sections are not modular so a bit like the Ryza ruins they are what they are unless you want to take a razor saw to them and spend hours converting them.

The detail is what we have come to expect from the latest Games Workshop scenery and is fantastic makes painting them good fun.

Did experiment with some rust and charcoal weathering powders on these which I am quite happy with the results, particularly the rusted floor plates.

Some new variants on the thermo plasma or whatever they are conduit pipe sections. Simple paint job on these with Rust-oleum Gunmetal spray, detail work in greys and metallics, rust washes, gloss varnish and then oil washes. Sealed with satin finish.

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