Forgeworld Defence Line Ends

With some community help I have closure on the 'biggest Forgeworld scenery undertaking to date'. After the post a couple of years ago where I highlighted that I was missing the ends for my defence line sets, some Italian friends got in touch to say that they had some available and we agreed a trade.... Continue Reading →

Forgeworld Earthshaker Emplacement

Another find which sat in a drawer for a while before I started on this. The Forgeworld catalogue says "a highly detailed Earthshaker Emplacement with a platform sculpted to the base. Set includes plastic Earthshaker cannon". Master model by Simon Harris. Back in 2002, this was £28 which gave you a big hunk of resin... Continue Reading →

Forgeworld Defence Line

This is the biggest Forgeworld scenery undertaking to date and a frustrating tale of working with old resin. At least part of what you see here is genuine Forgeworld original. It even came in the original Games Workshop box. Of the rest, it is hard to tell whether some is recast. Part of the problem... Continue Reading →

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