Forgeworld Defence Line Ends

With some community help I have closure on the ‘biggest Forgeworld scenery undertaking to date’. After the post a couple of years ago where I highlighted that I was missing the ends for my defence line sets, some Italian friends got in touch to say that they had some available and we agreed a trade.

Like all the other bits the speed rather than precision approach to the belt sander work on the bases meant that there was a lot of work with plasticard and epoxy filler to get them square and level.

This means that I have the 3 pairs of the ends from the Defence Line Set 2.

Massive thanks again to my Italian friends 🙂

Master Models by Simon Harris.

Defence Line Set 2 (Product Code FWK007) was originally £45.

Here are some pictures of the ends with one of the straight sections I modified from standard for a bit of battling variation.

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