Thra-Kienn Terminator Champion

Had this plastic Terminator in my bits box for a long time so decided to pull together a finished marine.

It is a further test for the fish hook meat hook experiment and there are a few more things I am quite pleased with, I am not quite so sure on: a) the head; b) the force sword; c) the spikes on the carapace; and the site on the storm bolter. I will have to solve these at some point…

Rhino APC

I have a lot of vehicles to paint up but wasn’t really very pleased with efforts on armour from last year. My wife bought me an Element Games painting course with David Soper for earlier this year but due to COVID-19 it never happened so I have had a go.

I also had a go at making some Skull Reapers company graphics. Pretty pleased with the artwork to reality concept, but need to work on the application and varnishing stages with later models.

Suitably adorned with icons of terror, death and gore. Oh and chains.

Magnetised the Bolter turrets so that they can be positioned too.

Think that the weathering worked okay. May try some more rust and weathering powder effects on later models,

Grimdark justice in a Banksy style. I took inspiration from WW2 US Army Corp vehicle markings. This one translates as Troop Transport, Eight Legion, C Battalion, 19th Company Tank, 1st Rhino. Produced by Mondus Occulum Forge on Mars in M30.

More Speed Metal

Finished the other two traitor marine bikers. Really pleased with these although the matt varnish came out dusty. I have found if you hit it again with a second coat then this can solve the problem. I may try that at some point…

Still preferring this model of bike. I think that the mudguards just work better for conversion purposes…

Long range communications specialist gear on the back of this bike.

Last of the spiked wheels from Master Crafted Miniatures. I will order some more for the rest of the bikes. I have also made 10 resin bases and have just made another 5 to speed things up on that front. I will re-use some for the loyalist Blood Angels bikes too.

Rolling Speed Death

All the bikes need re-basing to the new size so obviously the best thing to do was build three more! This is the first.

I think that I prefer the non-chaos marine bikes. They just look better. I will be doing some conversion work on the other bikes as I progress with the rebasing and repainting.

Marine Head and flayed flesh on the leg from Liberdaemonica. Bike wheels from Master Crafted Miniatures. I need more of these!

Field Radio Comms array from Anvil Industry and long-range fuel tank from Zinge Industries.

Terminator Test

Chaos Space Marine Terminators must have been some of the first figures I bought. I have about 50 of them nearly all metal that are in various states and ages of paint.

With well over 25 years spanning the models and painting this may take a while to get them all where I want them to be…

Claw Additions

Finished up the claw that went with the Sergeant I posted pics of earlier this month.

All the models posted here are part of the fish hook meat hook experiment, working much better with the finer chain.

Also featuring some grassy tufts on the bases, just for a bit of variety,


I really liked the new Obliterator models and decided that I wanted some more. I didn’t want the same poses so spent some time doing conversion work to make all four of the models distinctively different.

Bolter fury! Twin Storm Bolters plus twin Heavy Bolters for plenty of dakka dakka dakka.

Power claw, Lascannon, Missile Launcher and Heavy Flamer. Thinking about the next ones, four is good, but six seems better.

Squad Sergeant

Forgeworld Powerfist with some classic Night Lords iconography…

…plus some freehand Night Lords chapter livery on the shoulder pad I am quite proud of and the whole model came together quite well. Will be leading another claw in the near future.

Troop Specialist

Communications and countermeasures specialist. Reckon that this traitor space marine will be a good addition into the ranks…

Bit of variety helps keep the units looking interesting on the table top.