Blood Angels vs Night Lords

Had a little home battle with Nick using the DZTV dice that I picked up at the open day. They’re a good colour for battles in grim dark terrain – they really stay out. There is something to be said for playing 40k on a decent battle mat with a few bits of terrain in comparison to the games I was playing when I was a kid that generally involved a carpeted floor and in true Games Workshop style from that era books hidden under a sheet for hills. Yes line of sight blocking terrain was a thing even then.

Not much happened in turn one other than some long range shooting fro m the big guns.

There was some early occupation of the objectives by the Blood Angel Reivers.

No one made it onto the platform early on to bag the objective up there despite the bonus points it offered.

A bit of Dreadnought on Dreadnought action at distance…

Day two (because of under 10 kids attention span being a thing) saw the game continue and things get a bit more up close and personal for the troops. Turns out the Land Raider did fit under the landing platform which meant the Flamestorm cannons were a challenge for the boys in blue.

The Reivers turned out to be more than a match for the Assault squad that dropped in on them from the sky. Lessons were learned.

The 19th company having wiped out some more loyalists decided to go for the big points…

And the remaining Blood Angels who were camped out on the objective were going to have to fight for it…

First time I’ve used MDF terrain in a battle. The landing pad is from the Dark Assembly range from Warcradle and was in stock at the local hobby shop. It’s all magnetised that gives some options for assembly and makes storage much easier. My criticism of all MDF terrain is that it lacks surface detail, so I have bought some flexible resin cables from Zinge Industries and the plan is to do some mods and upgrades at some point.

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