Finished Warpsmiths Part 3

So all of the Warpsmiths are now finished, the last two being the old metal figures that I converted.

Added some resin bases for a bit of extra detail.

Lots of nice features to pick out on these troops.

Quite enjoyed painting them up and tried to make each unique.

Details, details everywhere.

The second of the two had a very different pose and I thought adding the skull under foot was a nice additional touch.

Again quite a few conversion modifications to get to the finished model.

I carried over some of the yellow detailing on the mechadentrite tentacles to tie these two figures together.

I may come back to this one at a later point and do some more finishing off.

What’s the time? It’s hammer time.


So I’ve taken photos of all of my painted Dreadnoughts. The new word for these is Hellbrutes, but they’re the same thing. There are some classic chaos units here. Most of the ones below are from theĀ Castraferrum Pattern.

This was a Forgeworld pattern resin model although I think that the heavy plasma armament may have been off a metal model.

The head on this one was really well done and adds greatly to the model. I’m please with how the spike on the back of the power fist came out.

This ranged attack mode was a great sculpt and I still like it a lot.

Every time I look at these photos I think that I could come back and do a bit more work on all of the figures. For example, drill out the smoke grenade launchers on the top of this one’s carapace.

I think the contrast of the green missile tips works really well on this one.

ThisĀ Furibundus Pattern dreadnought is heavily converted fro the original model but was done so purposefully to add in some bulk and proportion.

The more modern arms are far more fitting but there was always something very chaotic about the original body

More mass up to meant a need for bigger feet…

This is the model that probably needs most work. The head is too small and needs a custom sculpt to work like the Forgeworld one.

I’ve been practicing my heat effect on metal barrels and think this one came out okay.

The power flail had been robbed for bits previously so has been rebuilt using alternative blades…

Finished Warpsmiths Part 2

Sometime after starting here are the first three of the five warpsmiths

Made a few mods to this resin model.

Pretty fiddly to assemble, lots of pins

Couple of the vehicles these characters are maintaining form the backdrop

I like the servo skull concept so wanted to add at least one in

Some great details on the casting to pick out

A few tweaks of my own added in

Then we get into something a bit more raw

Lots of tweaks here

Shoulder pad and other parts out of the bits box

May add some weathering on this character to darken it up in future

Finished Warpsmiths Part 1

Finished up this rogue Tech Marine adding a further Warpsmith to the ranks.

This model came partially assembled so I can’t guess to the origins of some of the parts used to make this figure up.

The right arm is an addition of mine along with theĀ mechadendrite arms on the backpack.

Quite pleased with how this one came out, the skull exhaust on the backpack was an addition of mine too.

Last of Terminator Core

There’s more to come, but this is the last of the core of the Terminator unit

A few individual touches in here

The librarian conversion is one I’ve grown to like

Loves the original chaos terminator storm bolsters. Very narrative.

Skull helmet for a bit of variety

Heavy flamer for effect

More with a stronger Khorne influence

Lot of time for the combi weapon options

These always seemed to look in keeping with an army in various states of daemonic taint

These followed the theme:

More dynamic poses

Mixing up the storm bolters

The last and the Lord

More big suits of power armour

Not a big fan of the medieval knight style helmets to be fair

Terminators again

It’s quite a big part of the company composition

The double chainsword combo always seemed pretty chaotic to me.

Other conversion is a bit more basic

Some more from the squad:

Always found the tusked units a bit wrong, kind of never seemed to look quite right to me

Quite a few auto cannons in the mix

Last ones for this post

It was the model with the skull mask painted up and featured in White Dwarf back in the day that inspired my entire army:

More autocannons… can’t have too many…

More Terminators

Heavy flames and autocannon…

Mix of old and new models

These ones are a bit different

Possibly need a few more power weapons

Random teleport beacon thrown in

Couple more for this post

These ones are a bit more Khornate…

…with axes

Chaos Terminators

I have a fair few chaos space marine terminators from original models through to more recent models. Here they are…

Standard bearer

Banner pole uses some carbon fibre rod

Troops, the one on the right is a really early model with a lighter shade of blue.

Plenty of skulls

Not sure what I was thinking with the shoulder pad insignia


The 19th Company of the Night Lords has a fair bit of heavy support and armour to keep rolling so I’ve always had a few specialist marines keeping things oiled and to weld stuff back together when it gets trashed. The games moved on with the advent of warpsmiths so I decided to focus on reimagining these characters:

In thinking about these conversions I found that Anvil Industries make a few nice additions in the form of exosuits with various mechanical arms. Here’s what’s heading for paint

Not sure what this marine was but he has a big power axe so that’s a box ticked…

I’ve also got a pretty vanilla Techmarine who has gone renegade and a full on Warpsmith model to add in too.