• Forgeworld Defence Line Ends

    Forgeworld Defence Line Ends

    With some community help I have closure on the ‘biggest Forgeworld scenery undertaking to date’. After the post a couple of years ago where I highlighted that I was missing the ends for my defence line sets, some Italian friends got in touch to say that they had some available and we agreed a trade….… Read more

  • Forgeworld Imperial Command Dugout

    Forgeworld Imperial Command Dugout

    I scored this hunk of resin off eBay a couple of years ago. It was terribly painted to the point of all of the detail being obscured under layers of thick paint. I sent it off to Sam at Renew Models to get it vapour blasted back to the bare resin and then put it…… Read more

  • Forgeworld Earthshaker Emplacement

    Forgeworld Earthshaker Emplacement

    Another find which sat in a drawer for a while before I started on this. The Forgeworld catalogue says “a highly detailed Earthshaker Emplacement with a platform sculpted to the base. Set includes plastic Earthshaker cannon”. Master model by Simon Harris. Back in 2002, this was £28 which gave you a big hunk of resin…… Read more

  • Forgeworld Defence Line

    Forgeworld Defence Line

    This is the biggest Forgeworld scenery undertaking to date and a frustrating tale of working with old resin. At least part of what you see here is genuine Forgeworld original. It even came in the original Games Workshop box. Of the rest, it is hard to tell whether some is recast. Part of the problem…… Read more

  • Forgeworld Minefield

    Forgeworld Minefield

    The smallest addition to my Forgeworld scenery collection, this minefield set. One of the cats ate the warning sign twice whilst it was on the painting table and the original Imperial Guard helmet and skull looks like it was eaten because it is missing in action. I can’t find these detailed in any of these…… Read more

  • Forgeworld Barricade

    Forgeworld Barricade

    This is another one of the three pieces that make up the Warhammer 40,000 Barricades Set 2. I posted the other curved section back in March. A complete set is made up of three piece resin barricades with each section approximately 6″ / 150mm long. I’ve still not tracked down the straight middle bit. The…… Read more

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