Forgeworld Tank Factory

Back in 2020 I wrote about how I’d been gifted a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a big collection of Forgeworld scenery from a local independent gaming store that was closing to go fully online. There were a couple of omissions from the cities of death buildings and ever since I had been on the look out for the others.

In May 2021 a Tank Factory came up for sale on eBay and I managed to win the auction. It was caked in paint so I sent it off to Ben at Renew Models to get it blasted back to resin.

It then turned out to need a bit of filling and repairing from having not been put together very well. That also included taking down the gantry mountings and repositioning them on the structural pillars and at the same time making some templates from them to be able to make more out of styrene in future if needed.

Painting wise I found a shade of grey that was like fresh concrete and then used an initial watered down coat of Black Templars contrast paint and then layered multiple washes of different shades of dark grey to get a weathered effect.

The original product description was that this is a complete multi-part resin model. Superbly detail Ruined Tank Factory, with interior walkways, roof and details such as tank wheels and ammo boxes. The building is 12 inches (30cm) in length and 8 inches (22cm) across.”

Master model by Simon Harris.

Original product code: TR-40K-S-036, which retailed for £65 back in 2006.

So having done a test piece and scaled it up, I am pleased with how this came out. Now to do the rest…

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